10 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Content for Greater Success

In this SeniorVu exclusive, Stephan Miller (Kansas City-based software engineer and author) shares 10 insightful tips to optimize your content for broader reach and greater success. So sit down and strap in for some ultra-rich recommendations for boosting the effectiveness of your web content.


#1 Align Content with Search Intent

When writing, keep in mind why you want visitors on your site and what they will be looking for when they arrive. This should drive the kind of content you’re creating (and more than just including target keywords). Take one step back and target your larger concepts and specific topics.

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#2 Optimize Your Title and Meta-Description

Your title and meta-description basically act as your “free ads” in Google search. So there’s a chance that you may rank high, but unless these two items attract visitors, you may not get the most from that rank.

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#3 Optimize Images

There are two reasons and ways to think about image optimization. For SEO reasons, your image name and alt tag need to be on point, but also your image size should be small. Smaller images mean faster pages (and page speed is a Google ranking factor).

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#4 Optimize Page Speed

As mentioned in the last tip, smaller images can mean faster pages, but that’s not the only element affecting page speed. If this sounds a bit advanced, fear not…there are lots of resources to guide you in page speed optimization. To sum up the main points: minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML; use compression; reduce redirects; remove render-blocking JavaScript and leverage browser caching.

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#5 Include Keywords in URLs and H1 Tags

Page titles, URLs and H1 tags are the most valuable SEO real estate. Find a way to include the main keyword for a page in each. Remember that the content on the page should be semantically related and expand on the keyword.

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#6 Publish Longer Content

Though many of us strive to make content shorter and easier to absorb, the truth of the matter is that longer content gets more backlinks. It also gets more shares. Additionally, Google RankBrain tends to favor longer content.

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#7 Use Internal Linking

Internal links in your content establish an information hierarchy on your website. They can increase the rank of pages and also prevent orphan pages.

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#8 Seek Out Authoritative Backlinks

If there’s one thing to take away from this tip, it’s that backlinks increase rank. Backlinks from more authoritative sites boost your rank even more. This is a major Google ranking factor and is one of the original parts of Google’s algorithm that made them different than other search engines (in the early days) and allowed them to dominate.

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#9 Target Topics That Have Search Traffic Potential

Most websites have a lot of topics that fit within their wheelhouse. Some topics and search terms get more traffic than others. Do a little research before you start writing. A slightly different slant on a topic can dramatically change the traffic results.

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#10 Use HTTPS

It might seem like everyone should know this by now, but it made the list for a reason: it’s often ignored. HTTPS has been a ranking factor for Google since 2014. So if you didn’t know it before now, now you do!

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