24/7 Crisis Phone Support for Increase in Community Call Volume

During this challenging time of the spread of the Coronavirus and limited visits to senior living communities, fearful family members and overwhelmed caregivers all need assistance. As more senior living communities have established a quarantine protocol; community call volume is going up.  When your community needs human connection to calm families, nurture prospects and respond immediately to applicants but your caregivers are in need of more time to do their work with residents SeniorVu is here to help. To help these communities handle the volume we have expanded our resources to add 24/7 Crisis-Line Phone Support. Our same exceptional service still applies. Now it is for 24-hours, 7 days a week.

Our Team supports your Team, wherever they need help, like a Virtual Assistant. SeniorVu’s Team of Virtual Assistants are trained to triage calls, sorting and prioritizing essential callers and inquiries based on your community’s priorities at any time. In this time of Crisis Management, they can operate like your front line, calming and reassuring concerned family members, plus nurturing prospects who maybe caring for a senior parent and discovering greater needs for their loved one’s health.

If your community needs help managing the added call volume so your caregivers can stay focused on keeping residents and themselves safe and healthy, please give us a call.  We can have your community up and running quickly with 24/7 Crisis Phone Support.

Who are SeniorVu’s Team of Virtual Assistants?

SeniorVu’s Team of Virtual Assistants are college- educated people who are trained to handle inquiries and callers with care and empathy, to provide nurture techniques with true prospects, utilize empathy skills with all callers and provide phone and email support to your community’s sales and marketing teams. Each Virtual Assistant is TCPA & Fair Housing Act Compliant.

How will I know it is working for my community?

Every call is recorded and accessible to you through the SeniorVu Lead Management Platform. The number of inquiries – inbound and outbound – are available for analytic reviews. Since SeniorVu integrates with other CRMs, the data is available to you in virtually real-time providing you with important analytics.

If you need help managing your added call volume so your caregivers can stay focused on residents, please give us a call at (816) 895-8829 or contact Tim at 913-219-8308.

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