5 Key Social Media Strategies You Should Focus on Post COVID-19

5 Key Social Media Strategies You Should Focus on Post COVID-19

Our guest presenter for this Hump Day Webinar is Zena Weist.  Zena is a Marketing Innovator and Business Strategist.  She has 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands, private companies and non-profit organizations.  Zena holds a degree in advertising with an MBA in Direct Marketing. 

In Zena’s webinar presentation we learn to look at our WHO – which social media platforms are they on?  How do we attract them to our social media? How do we attract more people like them to our social media page? Zena shares with us ways to engage our WHO with examples of the do’s and don’ts to post on social media.  Best practices to use when we give accolades and positive support to residents, prospects and our team members.

Zena shows us the importance of the images and copy we use to “brand” ourselves on social media.  She talks about the value of video and gives us examples of how to use it in a post and as a header on our social media page to engage our WHO and showcase our brand.  This ‘sticky’ medium has become one of the most powerful tools in social media when used well.

The use of ratings and reviews is more important any ever on social media according to Zena. Zena says it gives communities feedback from prospects, residents and families about their community.  She speaks about how to bolster your ratings and reviews.

Zena shares her expertise around variety of posts, cadence and timing.  Do those who engage with you know you will always post on Throwback Thursday?  She also talks about the value of hashtags (#). How to choose one and how to use it.  If your community has a tag line, it can be a possible option for your hashtag. 

Resources Zena mentions throughout the presentation are revealed at the end.  They are a list of photo and video tools, hashtag tools and graphic tools to enhance our social media posts.

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