5 Ways to Improve Website Conversions

5 Ways to Improve Website Conversions

Optimize for Mobile to Improve Website Conversions

When building a website from concept to launch it’s critical to consider how users will engage from their device, specifically keeping the mobile experience top of mind. Not only has Google been clear in the accelerated growth of mobile searches, now accounting for over 60%, but our very own industry campaign data supports that mobile devices convert into actionable leads at a higher rate and improve website conversions.

Of course, optimizing for mobile doesn’t mean disregarding the desktop experience completely. View and test your website on multiple device types to ensure a smooth, accessible and clear experience for users. To make sure your website strategy will accomplish your goals, use a data-backed approach to create your user experience. Utilize tracking tools such as Google Analytics to gain insights into how people are visiting your website and optimize based on their behavior.

Have a Clear Purpose

Making sure your website is easily accessible and navigable on all devices will offer a smooth experience, but without a clear purpose your visitors may not properly engage with your community’s brand. Structuring your website into pages with set and identifiable goals will help users comprehend the content presented and interact in a meaningful way.

To better understand what your visitors experience, think of the types of pages you present and the purpose for each. Your blog may seek to provide content to learn about senior living and sign up for a newsletter, while a more detailed community page may speak toward the amenities & lifestyle at your community, as well as contact options. Consider what you want your users to do on each page and build around that goal.

Invest in Quality Content

A clear structure & set goals may make your website easy to use, but without quality content you are more likely to lose engagement and results. Users will be more likely to interact with unique content that speaks to their interests and needs. Think of the types of content your users may enjoy and how you can represent your brand through them.

Invest in quality images, video and articles that help inform users about the senior living process and how your brand offers the solutions they’re looking for to improve website conversions. Remember your high-level goals. Web traffic and interaction on your website is great but converting that into foot traffic and move-ins is better! The key place to start that conversion is attracting people with content that makes them want to learn more and get in touch.

Have Clear Call to Actions, CTAs

After viewing and engaging with your website content, visitors need to have clear and concise call to actions (CTAs) that inform them how to contact you. This may seem simple, but without a simple and visible CTA, your visitors can easily get lost or confused and leave your website altogether. While some visitors may not be ready to leave their information, remove the hurdles to make it easy for everyone else!

Align your CTAs with the content you are presenting and don’t leave room for confusion. Place your phone number and contact form somewhere that’s easy to see and think of what information you really need to ask for. Try to keep the number of fields as short as you can to increase your conversion rates and keep visitors from abandoning the form. These users want to contact you, don’t make it harder!

Track Everything

Lastly, to continually improve your websites experience, content and engagement – test everything! A visually appealing website may be enticing, but the real goal should be a website that successfully drives results. Gathering and analyzing data will point you in the right direction to make improvements.

Utilize tracking platforms such as Google Analytics to gain insight into knowledge gaps you may have, such as your conversion rates, volume of leads generated and what users interact with most. Building a successful website isn’t an overnight project. However, continual testing and gradual changes will position you to understand your web marketing and convert more users into qualified leads. Track, test and measure your success on how your website can ultimately serve as a path to the final goal: helping seniors and their families navigate the senior living search.

If you follow these best practices on your website, you’ll be much better positioned against your competition to gain more visitors, more leads and ultimately more move-ins for your community.

If you’d like to learn more insights about your web marketing and how SeniorVu can help you convert more leads get in touch with us!

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