8 Media Training Tips to Learn Before COVID-19 Puts Your Community in the Spotlight

8 Media Training Tips to Learn Before COVID-19 Puts Your Community in the News

All you have to do is Google Coronavirus, Seniors and Nursing Homes to find articles and television news stories from all over the country talking about the number of deaths inside senior living communities.  The hardest part of those of us who love this industry and the residents and families that we serve, is that all those good communities seem to be lumped into a pile and blasted on the news as if they aren’t good.  As if they’ve done something wrong.

There is the percentage of deaths linked to care facilities and then there are all of those deaths that aren’t associated with a specific location. 

This abbreviated version of media training is intended to help senior living communities in this historic time when they may be the center of the news for the first time in the history of their community or their career. 

So, what are senior living communities to do if their local media comes calling for a soundbite?

In this webinar, a member of the SeniorVu leadership team with 24+ years of experience in broadcast journalism hits on the top 8 tips to prepare you for a spotlight in the media.  With a focus on the Coronavirus and the types of questions that may come up, she shares examples of how to address those tough questions, be transparent and yet steer the conversation in a direction that you want to go.  She talks about when you should wait for the media to reach out to you and when you want to be proactive and get your message to them.  She discusses how you prepare your team and how you prepare your strategic message points.

There are do’s and don’ts to those brief moments when you’re talking to the media to remember, especially at a time like this when emotions can be high.  There are tips of when to be cautious and when to state your mind. 

Due to confidentiality, your information is required to obtain a copy of this webinar.

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