A 2020 Vision: Hyper-Focus on Families

2020 vision for seniorvu and the senior living industry

With the New Year comes goals, initiatives and at SeniorVu an even greater focus on the families in need of senior care and the communities who serve them. How are we different from every other company touting the same thing for 2020? Let’s get specific…

In 2020, SeniorVu is creating more opportunities for our client communities with 12 aggressive initiatives – all 12 revolve around the family experience, from the point at which they seek basic information about care for a loved one all the way through the move-in and then surveys and reviews after that. When we truly put families first we believe everything improves, including the bottom line, and our client communities couldn’t agree more.

Our Contact Center continues to be a client favorite. Our Client communities rely on it because it’s senior living centric, with speed-to-lead consistently under 5-minutes and a team of Family Advocate Managers (FAM) who are highly trained – with both technical and empathy skills. They serve as dedicated sales support to the Community sales executive, pre-qualifying future residents, answering questions professionally about their communities with a focus on scheduling tours. So what if we could make it even better?

One of our most progressive clients came to us with an idea – use our speed-to-lead Contact Center in another way – to improve handling of the employee applicant process so you get the best employees, right away. The result: Speed-to-applicant! Take a listen to this short video about it.

We aren’t done. This year, we are integrating even more artificial intelligence capabilities into our platform to monitor voice qualities like empathy, closing skills and friendliness while using our giant database of seniors to find the best future residents for our clients in each city.

More senior living communities than ever are reaching future residents through marketing automation. Our clients reap the benefits of our technology and extensive expertise delivering the appropriate message at exactly the right time to future residents based on their behavior and interactive preferences. No other Lead Management Platform does that. The success comes from specific and unique triggers designed to interact with the family on their terms, providing exactly what they need automatically. It happens automatically in the background of daily care in our client’s communities as they stay focused on seniors.

With 90%+ of families searching for pricing online, SeniorVu continues to work with our client communities on the best way to provide rate information. Communities fear pricing will scare them off. Our research shows just the opposite. When families don’t find rates from a specific community while searching online, the vast majority move to the next community website. Think about your own online behavior…how irritated do you get when you can’t find basic pricing on an item or even worse, why do you let the large 3rd party aggregators post your pricing but you don’t do so on your own website?

Transparency is always one of our other top priorities and 2020 is no different. We believe families deserve it and so do our clients. With real-time analytics, the SeniorVu Lead Management Platform’s dashboard gives communities a clear view of our Sales Support attribution. How is the FAM team performing? How are marketing dollars performing? What is providing the best results? The truth is in ALL the numbers, not just clicks and impressions or tours and move-ins. Be courageous enough to be transparent. Understand, maybe for the first time, exactly how effective your marketing spend really is.

That applies to online reviews too. Uber does it. Yelp does it. We all want them for everything else in our lives, and it’s why we believe online reviews and the transparency they provide only makes the industry better. We work with our clients on the execution and management of online reviews, so families get the comfort that they are make the best decision for their loved one.

We believe the only way to create 2020 vision for the year ahead is by keeping our eye on the family’s journey. When every decision is made with the family’s best interest in mind the industry as a whole gets better. Make their experience the best it can be, and the move-ins will follow.

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