August 2018 Newsletter

Video is proven to be one of those marketing must-haves. Statistics from our email marketing automation sister company, SoftVu, shows video in email increases click through rates by 300%. Online sources say that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video, and real estate listings with video receive more than 400% more inquiries than those that don’t.

Drone video is the latest way to engage consumers looking for answers to their senior living community questions. Here’s why:There’s a novelty factor here. Not a lot of senior living communities use video, let alone drone video that shows off the beautiful setting around your property. It can more easily illustrate your community’s proximity to hospitals, shopping, and roadways.

Besides helping you improve your Search Engine Optimization, drone footage can help you stand out in social media. And, in another 5 years, Virtual Reality (VR) will likely be mainstream. Drone video puts your community on the cutting edge and gets you one step closer to VR.=In this digital age, with a barrage of information available online, we need something that makes potential residents stop and look at your community. Video can be that compelling content to keep the viewer’s attention.High quality drone video with strategic messaging is even more unique and attention getting than a standard video. Many businesses find when drone video is placed on their homepage, visitors stay on the page longer.=Capturing your community in a professional 60-second drone video or including drone footage in a video story about your community is another service SeniorVu provides. Our team of video experts can help you tell a unique story about your community and set you apart from the competition in your area.

To explore this option with your Client Success Manager, give them a shout today. SeniorVu can capture video of your community that will blow the competition away.

Be our Referral Partner and receive up to $1500 off SeniorVu services.  Offer includes: 1 month each of servicing 3rd party leads, Family Advocate services, and contact support center. Ask your Client Success Manager today!JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJzbWFzaC1wb2RjYXN0JTIyJTNFJTNDJTJGYSUzRQ==Senior Marketing Sales Summit – a.k.a. SMASH is a well-known conference in the senior living industry where sales and marketing experts from inside and outside the industry bring thought-provoking ideas and share trends. In this latest podcast, Bailey Beeken, the Managing Director of SMASH, talks about why the conference got started and what to expect this year. Join hosts Valissa Smith of SeniorVu and Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart for the discussion with Bailey.

You’ll hear a special registration offer for SMASH at about 39-minutes into the podcast.

=Hey, we get it. Leads come in and your marketing team (or one-man-band in many cases) is down the hall handling the immediate needs of a resident before helping the Activity Director set up before lunch and meeting a family at 11am for a tour which will tie them up through early afternoon! {PHEW!} Before you know it, the day is more than half way gone before you can check messages and return calls.

What if every lead your community received could be followed up on in less than 5-minutes, with a living, breathing, intelligent, caring, educated person?   Meet the SeniorVu FAM team! Our Family Advocates are kind with every caller, and they know how to ask the right questions to determine a qualification status and schedule a tour. Think of them as the marketing team you lay in bed at night dreaming of but don’t have the revenue to cover because you don’t have the leads you need to fill occupancy!

“SeniorVu pushes the disqualified leads out of our way so we can focus on leads that have real potential,” said Gregory Greene, Retirement Counselor at Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom utilizes the SeniorVu contact center and Family Advocate team. Their educated, efficient and eloquent team members get to our community inquiries within 5 minutes. We can’t do that.”

The value of that quick response doesn’t only save time for their marketing team, but Greene says, “it saves our reputation by making every inquiry feel valued with a prompt response instead of wondering why we haven’t called them back yet.”

If you want to stop inquires from falling on the floor and stop wasting time with disqualified leads, then give SeniorVu a call today.

Be our Referral Partner and receive up to $1500 off SeniorVu services.  Offer includes: 1 month each of servicing 3rd party leads, Family Advocate services, and contact support center. Ask your Client Success Manager today!