17 Apr 2019
Jim and his sweet, insured ride! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor A major legal obligation we have to our fellow Americans is that we have automobile insurance coverage. Should an accident happen where we are responsible, we’re required to make things right with the damaged party. The fact, however, is that while legally required to [...]
27 Mar 2019
We could all take a cue from my buddy Bill. He's a great fisherman and finds the streams at Bennett Springs, Missouri to be a great place to slow down life. By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor Ok, the holidays are past, winter is slowly fading into spring, and it is time to think about slowing down [...]
20 Mar 2019
Celebrating a caregiver for their daily commitment to care of another.  By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor Caregiving can be tougher than tough, more demanding than raising triplets, deeply depressing, severely stressful, and can wear one down to a crawl. However, it can be totally rewarding and a positive opportunity for a new meaning to our [...]
19 Mar 2019
Let’s pretend for a moment that you are the owner of a beautiful garden. In order to keep it happy and healthy, it needs to be watered. Fortunately, there’s a huge pond on the other side of your property. Unfortunately, you have to lug a bucket over there, fill it up, carry it back and [...]
13 Mar 2019
A beautiful cruise ship ready to push off for another fun adventure! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor Many seniors have found that cruising is a “right” vacation for them. We all know that vacations can be stressful; and for cruising these are usually at the beginning and end of the cruise – but overall, while [...]
06 Mar 2019
Jim with his granddaughter. Preventing falls around grandchildren is important too. By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor Falls are bad regardless of age. However, as we get older their impact on us is magnified. Much of this is due to our general physical body becoming less flexible and able to withstand the impact of a fall. [...]
27 Feb 2019
Grandmothers missing their grandkids! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor We move, the families move and the distances to visit can become a problem. No longer can you take for granted the ability to go visit or receive a visit anytime during the week. Those weekly trips to the Mall, restaurant, show, and attendance at school [...]
21 Feb 2019
Social media content gets likes and shares within networks of people with existing relationships, infusing these posts with context, credibility and a degree of trust. It’s information and perspective from someone familiar to you, even if you’ve never actually met. This gives senior living communities a secret social media weapon: Use content from your current [...]
20 Feb 2019
The Villagers favorite weekend! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor The Villages Golf Data 3,012,515 rounds played Three golfers who are 93 shot their age  2,397 holes-in-one 1,097 eagles 8 double eagles 52 golf courses in The Villages Here are a couple of poems on V-Day written by Villagers.  One in general and one for the [...]
06 Feb 2019
Jim makes it a habit to hang around fun and positive people. By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor In the past we had a friend that had a problem with depression and feeling gloomy much of the time. We were talking one evening when we found out that her two main activities were reading and watching [...]