23 Aug 2018
A Bird’s Eye Business Boost Video is proven to be one of those marketing must-haves. Statistics from our email marketing automation sister company, SoftVu, shows video in email increases click through rates by 300%. Online sources say that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video, and real estate listings [...]
26 Jul 2018
3 Questions SeniorVu Communities Want Answers To We’ve learned a lot from you, our SeniorVu Client Communities, over the last two years. Our brains hurt (in a good way) from all the new knowledge. From that, we’ve come to understand how to provide greater value to you, with services you’ve requested - various ways to [...]
20 Jun 2018
New Perspective Resident
A New Perspective on Marketing Senior LivingDo your ads look like every other community’s? One of the toughest aspects of the senior living industry is trying to stand out from your competition. Using the same stock photos of happy older adults is NOT going to set you apart. If your ad looks just like the [...]
08 May 2018
Welcome to SeniorVu’s New Menu Unveiling!Hearty Marketing Options with a Side of Analytics Well, hey there! We’re so glad to see you. We’ve got your table all set up—right this way. We’ve decided to switch things up a bit, so you may notice a little something different as you look over our menu of services. [...]
09 Apr 2018
Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing That Cultivates SuccessGrowing your census with patience, persistence and a well, thought-out plan What happens to your leads that don’t convert right away?  The ones who start out kicking the tires, but aren’t ready for the test drive?   Our latest eBook addresses best practices for that longer lead nurturing process.  The research focuses [...]
06 Mar 2018
A Different Outcome to Aesop’s Fable New eBook Regarding Speed-to-Lead SeniorVu is constantly collecting data, analyzing it, and making changes to improve the outcomes. We like learning to benefit our clients! What we’ve learned about senior living marketing and sales in the past 18 months is especially interesting – data worth reading. In this latest [...]
08 Feb 2018
Senior Living Smart Webinar
How Sales and Marketing Transparency Can Grow BusinessSenior Living Smart Webinar with Debbie Howard & Tim Donnelly It’s common in senior living to spend tons of time and energy on generating sales leads. It’s not so common in senior living to track that time, energy and money spent on sales.  Many industries frequently track and [...]
02 Jan 2018
The Secret to Exclusive Leads In most circumstances, “sharing” is a lovely gesture. In senior living, when it comes to leads, “sharing” has become a dirty little word. What if you could fill your occupancy pipeline with highly-qualified leads that were EXCLUSIVELY yours? That’s exactly what we do at SeniorVu. We’re your partner. We’ve got [...]
02 Jan 2018
Rejection Letter
Secret Rules to Email Deliverability Unless you’re in the business of sending emails in mass quantity, then chances are the laws of deliverability have gone unnoticed in your world in 2017. We bet you DID notice though that your personal inbox is more stuffed than ever and subject lines have never been so clever.  As [...]