Client Community Spotlight: Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care

Congratulations to one of our client communities, Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care for winning the 2021 Senior Living by Design Award at Argentum!
Azura’s Brookfield location is an old farmstead where they built new homes for seniors needing memory care and assisted living. The community was nominated for the 2021 Senior Living by Design Award  award through an architecture group. 
“It’s an honor to get the award. There were more than 55 applicants so it was humbling and exciting.” The Director of Development Matt Lyons said. 
Lyons said the inspiration for the design came from the land itself. When a resident is driving in, they will see four large houses in the community with walking paths, gardens, and a 100-year-old barn.
“We had the idea that it would be really cool to play off of the farm to table restaurant scene, and create a farm-themed senior living environment. Our chefs are able to use herbs from our gardens.” 
Lyons said he gravitated toward the household model when thinking about the design of the community. 
For example, each house on the property functions as its own memory care community but it’s also part of a neighborhood with houses built in the 50’s and 60’s. When the seniors look out their windows, they see the backyards of other houses and feel like the houses from their formative years. 
“Azura’s mission is to transform the culture of care, so we want to provide the best level of care for our residents. The hardest decision for someone moving into a senior living community is that they don’t want to leave home. We wanted to provide the most residential environment that we could.” Lyons said. 
One of the notable touches are the local farmers that partner with the community.  
There is a farmer that has been operating a farmstand for 50 years, and sells farm-fresh produce to the local community as well as the residents. There’s also a local farmer that sells Christmas trees and wreaths at the location north of the property. 
“He calls it the North Pole,” Lyons said. “They have fresh Christmas trees and his wife makes hand-made wreaths. They sell it all right off of the farmstand lot in front of our barn. It’s all part of our community so residents can walk out of their front doors and go purchase produce, wreaths, or Christmas trees.” 
When Lyons talks to residents about their favorite part about living in the Brookfield location, it’s that it feels like home. 
“One of the coolest things is that there is some antique farm equipment that was left from the seller. There was a resident who I was talking to who grew up on a farm, and seeing the equipment brought up stories of things he did growing up on the farm. It’s a natural therapy that occurs from being in that environment. It’s pretty cool.” Lyons said. 
Lyons said that when it comes to designing a community residents will love, the solution is simple. 
For us, it’s not complicated. We ask, ‘how do residents do things at home, and through that lens, how can we do that through our senior living community?’ We want to create a new home for them so they can continue to do those things as long as possible.” Lyons said. 
SeniorVu is proud to partner with Azura Assisted Living and Memory Care through our FAM team. SeniorVu helps make occupancy easy so our clients can focus on what they do best, like designing award-winning communities. If you want to partner with us, find out more about our contact center by clicking here

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