Cold Lead Case Files: Senior Living Edition

Cold Lead Case Files: Senior Living Edition

Prospects go un-nurtured. Leads slip through the cracks. With the passage of time, families move on and another potential resident finds another senior living community elsewhere. The pattern is familiar, but changing, thanks to the efforts of a special breed of marketers. Cold Lead Case Files tells the story of their work.

The sun rises on a new day, and you know: there aren’t going to be enough hours to take care of everything you need to do. From caring for your residents to caring for your business to dealing with COVID-19 situations, your plate is already overloaded, and you haven’t even gotten out of bed. With so many plates spinning, you barely have time to manage your current list of prospects…much less those cold leads that fell by the wayside one, two or more months ago. You’ve written them off as losses…until today.

Enter SeniorVu: Cold Lead Detectives Extraordinaire.

We know that you’ve got a lot (and we mean a LOT) to deal with during the Great Coronavirus Situation of 2020. We also know that managing your lead generation and nurturing campaigns can fall by the wayside. Which is how we come into the picture. We’re here to help in whatever way possible – and, recently, we’ve had a lot of luck taking our clients’ cold leads list and reaching out to them.

Contacting cold leads – those leads that showed some interest but then fell by the wayside – is a time-sucking task that’s tedious during normal times and practically impossible during these unprecedented times. That’s why bringing in a partner (like SeniorVu) who focuses solely on Lead Management for senior living communities, can increase your man– and brain–power tenfold.

Here’s a recent example of how we helped a community just like yours reach out to cold leads and position themselves as a valuable and knowledgeable resource.

This senior living business had two communities with a grand total of 510 cold leads that had fallen out of sight. Our Cold Lead Case Files pulled together a campaign that consisted of three call attempts and an email drip of three messages to reach out to these cold leads, gather more information and either yay or nay them for future nurturing. The messages were positioned as a “thinking of you” or “we’re here for you” check-in from the community, positioning them as a valuable resource.

Over the course of 30 days, we helped the community contact 45% of cold leads and identify 40 still-viable prospects that should continue to receive marketing and lead nurturing information.  Not only that, but we helped this community clean up 510 leads from their existing bank. Talk about saving time and effort!

Lead generation and nurturing is a little bit like doing home maintenance – you know, the tasks that you, as a senior living community, provide for your residents. And much like you market to your future residents that “hey! We take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about your loved one,” SeniorVu can do the same for you. We can take care of those cold leads, so you don’t have to worry about them. We’ll comb through the case files, diligently hunt down each clue and deliver results to you wrapped up in a way that’s useful.

It’s all in a day’s work for…Cold Lead Case File Detectives!

Ready to put our detectives to work for you? Contact us at 816-895-8829 to talk about turning your cold leads into hot prospects.

Happy Holidays

Answering inquiries for your community is what our Family Advocate Managers (FAM team) love doing, even on most holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two days we close up shop. We believe all of our team members deserve time with their families. By the next morning, FAM is right back at it to follow up on any inquiries that may have come in the day before.

What about all those other holidays? Rest assured SeniorVu has your time zone covered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each of the following holidays:

Black Friday
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve & Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day

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