Community Spotlight – Ascension Living’s Alexian Village

A family from Ascension Living’s Alexian Village talks about what life is like in this beautiful community that sits atop Signal Mountain in the Cumberland Plateau near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Beth and her daughter Elizabeth join host Valissa Smith of SeniorVu along with Alexian Village Executive Director Terry Thompkins for a candid conversation as we shine the Community Spotlight on this Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Making the decision to move from a family home of many years to any retirement community is a big one.  It comes with family discussions and many decisions including a long to-do list before you move.  Beth and Elizabeth share their very personal experience about how they reached the conclusion to move to Ascension Living Alexian Village, what the move was like both physically and emotionally, what life is really like now that Beth lives at this community, how Alexian Village is managing COVID-19 protocol and preventing the spread of the virus, and what residents are doing to stay active and involved.  You will be surprised to hear how much residents are able to do even during a pandemic!

The fact that Alexian Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) gives both Beth and Elizabeth great peace of mind. The fact that it’s a CCRC gives them comfort that should Beth’s health decline she will still be taken care of in the same community and won’t have to pull up roots again to make another move.

With Elizabeth living just down the road from the community, they get the best of both worlds: quality time together without visits focused on home maintenance, housekeeping needs or some other item on the to-do list.  Beth gets all of her needs met at Ascension Living Alexian Village so she and Elizabeth can focus on what means the most to them…each other.

Listen in to this podcast to learn about an upcoming event where Terry Thompkins will announce special financial incentives that could make timing just right for a move to Ascension Living Alexian Village.

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