Concierge vs Front Desk Staff vs Contact Center – What’s the difference and does one help you get more move ins more than another?

When people take that first step toward placing a loved one in a senior care community, it’s not something they take lightly. Families often consider the different levels of quality care their loved one will get at your community before moving in, but arguably the level of customer service they get at first contact can make or break a sale. 

There are typically three different types of contacts other than a sales team that a potential lead can have before deciding on where to live: receptionist, concierge, and contact center. However, the levels of quality you get can vary greatly depending on each type.  

What Is A Receptionist? 

A receptionist is a person hired by a community or business to answer the telephone and greet visitors. “When a potential resident calls an assisted living facility, the receptionist will answer the phone, and transfer them to someone else…usually a sales coordinator,” Julie Kerr, Senior Director of SeniorVu’s Contact Center Services explained. “There are usually only one or two receptionists, so if you leave a message, it can take a long time for them to call you back.” 

A receptionist will sometimes be the initial point of contact for potential residents and their families while they consider relocation. If a sales coordinator is busy, the receptionist is first in line to answer any and every question about a community.  

Timing is everything when it comes to returning voicemails, providing community information, and setting up tours. And even though a receptionist can provide a positive first impression, it is not their job to vet potential residents, so a person who gets a call back may not realize that Medicaid doesn’t cover cost of living or that the facility doesn’t provide the services they need. A lead may not know this and can become frustrated if the person they are talking with doesn’t know the answers they need. This can waste both the senior’s time, their family’s time, and the facility’s time.  

What Is A Concierge? 

“A concierge is a senior community employee whose job is to assist residents by arranging transportation, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and helping with vacation travel,” said Kerr. Concierges are extremely important to a senior after they move into a senior living community or assisted living facility. The concierge takes care of all the details, so the residents don’t have to. They provide a smoother experience and a stress-free atmosphere whenever possible. 

Concierges can even help potential residents with information on the grounds and community while they are visiting a community. Ultimately, however, you won’t be able to take full advantage of everything a concierge has to offer until you actually live in a particular community.   

What Is SeniorVu Contact Center? 

The SeniorVu contact center provides lead management services on behalf of your community. The Family Advocate Mentor (FAM) Team’s job is to nurture leads to the point of tour scheduled. 

The contact center, run by Julie Kerr, is a team of college educated, US-based professionals working on behalf of your community’s brand to provide an excellent first impression as well as answer any question a lead may have. 

“We are different from any other call center,” said Kerr, “with people who have a background in healthcare, social services, financial, and educational backgrounds, all ready to provide information.”  

You can learn more about our agent’s background here. 

Each member of the FAM Team goes through two weeks of training before getting on the phones, meaning they are trained to be empathetic, to not only listen but hear the person on the other end of the line, and to be where that person is. “We don’t just regurgitate information,” Kerr said. “We guide them emotionally, mentally, and financially. We have a more personalized conversation that’s geared toward their needs and helping them.” 

Ready For Your Community to have More Tours and Move-ins? 

To see how using a contact center can boost your tour and move-in rates, Contact SeniorVu. SeniorVu is the essential Lead and Applicant Manager solution for senior living organizations.  Leverage the power of the SeniorVu to boost your tours and move-ins today. For more information call SeniorVu at (816) 895-8829 or schedule your demo today

Happy Holidays

Answering inquiries for your community is what our Family Advocate Managers (FAM team) love doing, even on most holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two days we close up shop. We believe all of our team members deserve time with their families. By the next morning, FAM is right back at it to follow up on any inquiries that may have come in the day before.

What about all those other holidays? Rest assured SeniorVu has your time zone covered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each of the following holidays:

Black Friday
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Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day

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