DailyVu Brings Transparency to Senior Living Companies

DailyVu Brings Transparency to Senior Living Companies

SeniorVu rolls out a new senior living data-driven, organizational sales tool for communities


Kansas City, MO – June 17, 2020 – DailyVu, SeniorVu’s latest addition to its Lead Management technology platform, delivers transparent sales data to senior living client communities. The DailyVu sales report is a concise, transparent package of sales leads and activity generated by SeniorVu on behalf of a community.

“I can see DailyVu becoming very addictive for sales leaders because it is so easy,” said Ames Allen, Vice President of Marketing at Greenbrier Development.  “Understanding the details of our sales activity and estimating the timing for move-ins is critical to the operations of our communities.  Knowing every day where the team stands with leads and marketing campaigns not only help us see their value, but it helps us see what is working and what isn’t, allowing us to make adjustments in near real time.”

Delivering daily, weekly and month to date activity via an easy to read email each morning keeps the community sales, marketing and leadership teams on top of everything sales related and provides valuable trending data to ensure marketing activities are working and generating the desired results.

“Any community that wants to measure their internal and 3rd party vendor activities needs data transparency,” said SeniorVu CEO, Tim Donnelly. “If you can’t see the details of your sales activity, how do you make adjustments?  Our aim has always been to deliver a great experience to our client communities.  The best way to deliver that and eliminate occupancy ‘surprises’ is to pull back the curtain and let the data be visible.  Then we can jointly work  to optimize those results.”

If you are interested in learning more about DailyVu call SeniorVu at (816) 895-8829. 


SeniorVu is a state-of-the-art Sales, Marketing and Employment Engagement Platform that gives communities control of their leads, brand, time and money.  Their technology combined with a highly proficient contact center and support team means 100% of inquiries are reached within minutes. With real-time analytics communities can determine where and when to spend their marketing dollars. After analyzing aggregated data from more than 600 communities in 18-months SeniorVu delivers repeatable and predictable results to their senior living clients. https://www.seniorvu.com/


With more than 100 years combined experience in senior housing and Life Plan Community development arena, Greenbrier principals have been involved in developing some of the industry’s leading senior living communities. Greenbrier’s founding partners are long-time leaders in the national development of entrance fee-based not-for-profit senior living communities. Collectively, the team has participated in the planning, financing, development, and marketing of more than $2 billion in senior housing developments, including some of the largest and most exclusive communities in the country, with individual project budgets ranging from $10 million to $300 million. Greenbrier has a successful history of helping affinity-based not-for-profit organizations structure and develop projects consistent with the organization’s missions and goals. https://greenbrierdevelopment.com/

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