Episode 11 – Coronavirus: Dr. Dana Hawkinson

The Coronavirus has us all on high alert, especially those who work directly with senior citizens. While we all understand why seniors are one of the groups most susceptible to coronavirus, there are many details around the virus that have been unanswered, like is it really a more serious virus than the flu?  And will this virus in fact fade out over the summer like a typical flu virus does or stick around?  In this special edition of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast we hear from the Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control for the University of Kansas Health System, Dr. Dana Hawkinson.

In this interview, Dr. Hawkinson addresses the questions above plus, the difference between the Covid-19 virus or coronavirus as it’s called and the flu virus for example, that comes around every fall and winter.  He talks about whether or not this virus will in fact go away over the summer months or continue to spread.  Dr. Hawkinson answers questions around whether we can get coronavirus only once, becoming immune to this strain, or if the virus can strike individuals more than once. 

The doctor talks specifically about senior living communities and their residents and staff with his list of prevention protection methods, containment solutions and what to do after a senior may be taken to the hospital to be treated for coronavirus. Dr. Hawkinson also talks in this podcast about the latest information regarding a vaccine for Coronavirus and when we can expect to have that available to the general public.

Listen in to this latest coronavirus update of information to help keep your senior living community residents, employees and visitors safe and virus free.

Thank you to the University of Kansas Health System and Dr. Dana Hawkinson for allowing SeniorVu the opportunity to record this special edition of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast in their hospital studio.  

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