Episode 12 – 24/7 Crisis Phone Support and Quarantine Creativity

The Coronavirus has everyone quarantined in their homes – whether it is inside a senior living community or in your own neighborhood.  In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast hosts Billy Daniels and Valissa Smith discuss what some of their client communities have been doing to communicate with families about protocol, entertain their residents who are quarantined from one another and maintain a little sanity during these unprecedented times.  Billy shares how the Google Tour Builder can help senior living communities produced virtual tours for prospects interested in their community.  The internet and online capabilities have never been more important for the senior living industry, including SeniorVu’s 24/7 Crisis Phone Support to help relieve some of the stress on caregivers working the front-lines. We are here to help them stay focused on the most vulnerable – precious seniors.

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