Episode 19 – Communication Practices Residents and Families Really Want During this Pandemic

Communication is often difficult for all parties in any industry. Agree? Now, think about how critical communication is during a pandemic where the most vulnerable to the virus are seniors, many of whom are sheltering-in-place inside a senior living community where families can no longer walk through the doors for a visit.  A magnifying glass just honed-in on the senior living industry and each community.

In these last few months, some communities have struggled with sharing information clearly and consistently.  Some communities have handled it flawlessly.  And, most communities fall someplace in between.  What can we learn so far, from how communities have communicated with residents, families and even the media about COVID-19 protocol? What can we do moving forward to improve?

Christy Cunningham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Judson Retirement Community, wrote an article and shared it on LinkedIn about what communication practices she believes communities should consider now and even after COVID-19. Her article sparked so much interest, that SeniorVu invited Christy on Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast to discuss further.

Christy expands on seven communication priorities communities may want to consider: Robust Audience Building, Transparency, Getting Ahead, Predictability & Reliability, Safety Net, Reporter Readiness, and Shining Light on the Good. This conversation provides us all with the opportunity to reevaluate our own communication protocol, develop relationships with the media and improve our communication practices in ways that will benefit those who matter most…seniors.

In this conversation, Off Your Rocker host Valissa Smith, V.P. of Strategic Communications for SeniorVu, a former broadcast journalist and video producer talks about a video that caught her attention produced by a senior living community. In it we hear from those on the front lines as they explain what life has been like inside the walls of their community during this pandemic.  Here is a link to that video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJQIC_96nZM&feature=youtu.be

This thoughtful discussion around preparedness is meant to spark conversation with leadership teams in senior living who may still face another round with coronavirus or could experience their very first case.

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