Episode 20 – How COVID-19 Impacts the Senior Living Sales Industry

Data doesn’t lie. A study by the Sherpa team shows that senior living sales since mid-March have declined by 30%.  In these unusual times of a pandemic and stay-at-home orders, they wondered what have the sales and marketing teams in senior living companies been up to?  No judgement!  In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast, Tim Donnelly, founder and CEO of SeniorVu has a candid conversation with Sherpa Co-founder and President Alex Fisher about their study.

Between early March and the end of May, Sherpa collected senior living data about how community sales teams were spending their time since they were suddenly forced to stop all tours and visits.  The data collected showed the interesting shifts and psychological behavior changes by sales teams due to COVID-19.  Since marketing and sales activity and behaviors experienced a jolt from the results of Coronavirus, Sherpa wanted to learn what tools they were using instead to connect with prospects so they could win their trust. Ultimately, what were they doing to convince their leads to move-in even during a pandemic.  Listen as Alex provides insight on how sales team are developing trust with their prospects without standing face to face with them and their families, and why both authenticity and transparency contribute to that level of trust.

Alex and Tim also discuss how to spend quality time with fewer leads, which prospects may most likely benefit from a move to senior living, the rising acuity levels likely to occur and who would be a great fit for your community. Surprisingly, finding those leads may be easier than you think! And perhaps most importantly in this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast Alex and Tim discuss how to build a stronger, more trusting relationship in the future with those prospects who you already have in your sales pipeline. 

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