Episode 22 – Keeping Residents Mentally, Socially and Spiritually Sane During Shelter in Place

COVID19 created new challenges for senior living communities, particularly when it came to communication and resident engagement.  When the Coronavirus began to spread across the country all communities were hyper focused (as they should be) on the physical health of residents. With so much attention falling to that, some residents lacked social interaction, spiritual engagement, mental stimulation and physical activity.  In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast, host Valissa Smith talks with Sagely Executive Vice President Hollie Kemp about technology to fix that.  Hollie provides multiple examples of how their client communities – and their caregivers – were able to improve social interaction, provide spiritual engagement and mental stimulation as residents would quarantine or shelter in place.
Sagely is a resident engagement platform used to track and enhance resident activity and well-being.  It is also used to enrich the lives of residents and their family members by connecting them through technology.  It’s technology that is keeping all of them connected as social circles remain small and shelter in place orders remain in place for some senior living communities.
Hollie Kemp spent most of her career on the front lines of the senior living business. She joined the Sagely team after using their product and services in her own community.  She says the platform is simple to use and provides valuable data that helps caregivers track the resident’s well-being.  But more importantly, Hollie says, the platform helps communities become more aware of any changes the senior might have before it becomes too serious.  Hollie shares examples of the video and photo components which are a couple of the favorite features for residents and families. When the caregiver takes a photo, they can simultaneously send it to all resident family members, so everyone gets notified at once.  Join Valissa Smith as she learns more about the Sagely platform.

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