Episode 23 – Staffing Challenges in Senior Living and What HumanGood is Doing About It

It is no surprise to anyone in the senior living industry that staffing is a huge issue.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will likely be nearly a 50% staffing turnover each year with approximately 1.1 million job openings in the healthcare section, and that was BEFORE the coronavirus became a pandemic in this country.

In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast Stephanie Piester from SeniorVu’s Executive Team talks with Andrew Smith, the Executive Director of Special Projects of Humangood and a community Assistant Administrator about the staffing challenges he walked into with his new position.

Andrew tells Stephanie that he was hired to evaluate the staffing issues, make recommendations and then create a solution for HumanGood. His background in the industry – primarily with the Brookdale system – plus his education and personal passion all contributed to creating a plan of action in his new position with HumanGood.

In this podcast, Andrew talks with Stephanie about how upon arrival at HumanGood he set out to assess their current situation by collecting numbers and data points.  Andrew’s goal was so much more than simply the rate of salary growth versus revenue, but also how much overtime pay, double time pay and agency hiring fees were costing the company overall.

He quickly discovered there were internal issues where departments were not communicating completely (an easy fix) and then turned to an outside source to help him fix his staffing communication problems and hiring needs.

Listen to this 20-minute podcast to learn about the unique approach Andrew and HumanGood are now utilizing.  And don’t skip past the 9- minute mark when excitement ensues!  A moment that anyone working in a senior living community can totally relate to!  Don’t miss it!


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