Episode 26 – A Beautiful and Affordable Solution for Seniors

In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast Lee Ann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer with the McGregor Foundation begins by sharing the history of the foundation and the purpose behind their mission, which is s a great reminder of why so many of us got into this industry to begin with – to truly do what is truly right for seniors regardless of their life’s circumstances.  Afterall, they have contributed years to our families, our communities and our country.  Don’t they deserve to live out their later years of life with as little stress and worry as possible?

Lee Ann delves deeper into the rich history of the McGregor Foundation.  While it was organized in 2002, it really started way before then. The mission of the McGregor Foundation is rather simple yet significant – to provide affordable housing options to adults 55+ through both independent living and assisted living housing. Lee Ann talks about the great need to fill the gap for adults over 55 between those who can afford typical senior living communities and the many more who can’t.  She also shares in the podcast how this idea came about and how they are executing on the mission.

We also learn about a program McGregor developed called PACE or Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. This unique concept is a community-based program designed to keep adults in their homes for as long as possible and keep them connected to their community.  Maintaining a senior’s well-being isn’t just housing, shelter and food.  It’s also mental, social and spiritual.  McGregor’s PACE values a well-rounded approach.

Lee Ann spends a little time talking about McGregor’s participation in the Challenge America Make-A-Thon which turned out to be a huge success for them launching new ideas and expanding on their original mission.  In the podcast, hear more about the latest Challenge America Make-A-Thon and plans for the results. Plus, when asked which senior – living or deceased – Lee Ann would dine with if she had the opportunity, her answer may surprise you!

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