Episode 27 – Two Tech CEO’s Come Together For Senior Living

When SeniorVu Founder & CEO, Tim Donnelly sat down with WelcomeHome Founder & CEO, John Laraccia for this podcast little did they know just how much the two men had in common.  Both came from outside the senior living industry, both have developed tech companies with a big mission to make life better for senior living communities, and both had a similar Midwest upbringing – really similar.

In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast John shares how he first experienced senior living, how he became hooked on serving the industry and how he quickly developed a passion to fix frustrations many communities were facing.  Through many conversations with operators – listening and learning about their CRM pain points – John and team developed a plan and set out to create a different CRM that did more than many.  WelcomeHome allows operators to communicate with their teams throughout their day to day needs of operators and caregivers. Today the WelcomeHome team continues to listen to the senior living providers for new opportunities for improvement, and even developed a new feature during the COVID-19 pandemic. Something his clients are now addicted to!

Within this 35-minute podcast hear what has surprised John the most about the senior living industry in these first 3 years they’ve been doing business. Find out what adversities or challenges they’ve faced with WelcomeHome.  Hear his big AHA! moment along with industry opportunities that still lie ahead for their technology.

Before Tim wraps up the conversation with John, he presents him with two fun questions: If he could change anything in senior living with the snap of a finger what would it be and why? And, if you could have lunch with any senior who would that be and why. It’s in there that we learn just how much these two technology entrepreneurs who are trying to make the world better for senior living have in common. 

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