For the Love of Golf

Golf at The Villages

The Villagers favorite weekend!

The Villages Golf Data

  • 3,012,515 rounds played
  • Three golfers who are 93 shot their age
  •  2,397 holes-in-one
  • 1,097 eagles
  • 8 double eagles
  • 52 golf courses in The Villages

Here are a couple of poems on V-Day written by Villagers.  One in general and one for the seniors.St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is unique
It’s a day for every lover.
A custom passed down
Act now before it is over.

So how do you say, “I love you?”
Is it words thoughtfully chosen,
Or fancy gifts that are pleasing?
A bouquet of flowers are nice.

Roses are the flowers of choice.
Make a day trip to see the sites,
Or dine at a restaurant,
However, gifts are not needed.

True love transcends all of these things.
It’s a time to say what you feel.
Time to express your love is here.
Speak now.  Don’t wait another year!

The Senior’s Valentines

We’ve gone the hearts and flowers route
And cards either sweet or funny
We’ve done movies, dinners, and gifts that were cute
But we are just saving the money.

We’ll still exchange cards – traditions you know
I hope there’s some chocolate for me!
We’ll eat out, but early, avoiding the rush
Then go home and watch some TV
After all of these years, I still have a crush
I guess we were just meant to be.

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