How to Get a Higher Engagement Rate from Your Surveys

higher engagement rate surveys

With many companies jumping on the surveying bandwagon, consumers are growing weary of all those questions they are asked to answer.  What appears to take a few minutes, can often turn into a 15-minute time suck.  As Sweet Brown sings, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” So how do you get a higher engagement rate on your surveys?

SeniorVu is experiencing positive results with a new method of collecting survey results from consumers.  It’s something they call “Voice to Voice Surveys.”  Sounds novel we know, (said with tongue firmly in cheek) but their Family Advocates actually pick up the phone, call community prospects who pick up their phone and the two parties talk! Sorry for the sarcasm but in this world of digital communication, Senior Vu is finding that once they’ve established a real relationship with families looking for senior care, those families will talk to them again after a tour, to tell them how it went.

Asking open-ended questions often results in much more information than a simple multiple- choice survey administered online.  SeniorVu’s team of Family Advocates already know how to engage people over the phone.  They know how to navigate the conversation and they know when the consumer says they’re done, that means…well, they’re done!  Respecting and treating them as the smart consumers they are, allows them to extrapolate information that can help their client communities learn how to make each tour even better.

If your community is interested in exploring Voice to Voice post tour surveys in order to get a higher engagement rate on your surveys, contact SeniorVu today.

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