Top 10 Best Houston Memory Care Communities

Houston Memory Care Communities

Houston Memory Care Communities hold a special place in our hearts. Members of our SeniorVu team know first-hand the heart break of watching a loved one transition from their known selves into a world of confusion and fear.  Finding the right community for your loved one makes all the difference, and some take the extra steps to provide the best care and service possible for their memory care residents and their families.

Research and science studies continue the search for better answers, and some communities are paying more attention to those results and adapting to constantly make improvements for their community of residents.  We find it only appropriate to shine light on those we believe are paying attention to innovation and proven results in an effort to encourage more memory care communities to follow suit.

In this Top 10 Best Memory Care list, communities are recognized for unique qualities they adopted to improve the quality of life for their residents. And we hope it helps readers looking for a solid list of places should they need to begin their search for a memory care community in Houston.

Top 10 Best Houston Memory Care Communities

Avalon Memory Care

15505 Tuckerton Rd, Houston, TX 77095 | https://avalonmemorycare.com/locations/Houston/

This Top 10 community is unique for its singular focus on caring for those with cognitive impairments like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Every aspect of its stand-alone memory care community has been designed to support not just those living with memory issues, but also their family members.

For residents, Avalon provides 24-hour a day care with staff that’s been specially trained in best practices for dementia care. The basic needs of each individual are met in the highest standard of living possible. As Avalon puts it, it’s “a standard of living that the resident deserves, not simply artificial activities to keep them busy.”

While memory care communities generally care only for those with dementia and memory issues, Avalon is unique in that they care for those who are dealing with other cognitive issues, such as dementias related to an accident, surgery or illness. Their approach doesn’t focus on treating the specific disease or issue; rather, it’s finding ways to reach and support those with cognitive issues to help them reach a higher quality of life in spite of their limitations.

What rockets Avalon onto our Top 10 list is their innovative Expedited Acceptance Program. This program provides an expedited assessment and acceptance of a referred patient on the very same day. It’s available to any organization or individual who is in an urgent situation and needs assistance immediately. Licensed specialists perform an on-site assessment, formulate a plan and then transfer the individual to the memory care community on that same day.

For 23 years, Avalon Memory Care has been helping individuals in the Houston area live the best life possible in spite of their cognitive issues…assisting and supporting family members through the dementia journey…and doing everything that’s required to make them a SeniorVu Top 10 Memory Care Community.

Unlimited Care Cottages

431 Nursery Road, Suite A700 Spring, TX 77380 | https://www.unlimitedcarecottages.com/channel/memory-care-facility-spring-woodlands-tx/

Unlimited Care Cottages is known throughout the Houston area for its unique homelike setting. Residents live in small household groups in a specific cottage, providing an intimate setting with incredibly personalized care. This style of living has been available to assisted living individuals for some time now, but recently this Top 10 Community opened The Cooper Cottage – their first certified Alzheimer’s and dementia care cottage.

Unlike other memory care communities, The Cooper Cottage at Unlimited Care Cottages serves just seven residents (or “guests,” as they are called). Two live-in Care Partners spend their days and nights with the guests, learning their situations intimately and forming close bonds that would be hard to achieve in another living situation. This personalized approach allows each guest to receive continuity of care, an in-depth knowledge of their needs and health conditions and a homelike feel that’s unlike any other in the Houston area.

The cottage, like larger memory care communities, has all the bells and whistles needed to keep guests safe, secure and confident. They reside in private bedrooms, with large hallways and easy-to-navigate paths to help them get to and from the dining area, shared spaces, activity areas and even the gated courtyard. Days are filled with engaging and enjoyable activities that have been designed for the guests’ abilities and needs: pet and music therapies, art classes, exercise, baking, gardening and more.

There are a lot of communities that feel like home, but at The Cooper Cottage, it really is a home. At this Top 10 Community, Houston area seniors living with memory issues don’t just live…they thrive.

The Auberge at Vintage Lake

10120 Louetta Rd, Houston, TX 77070 | https://aubergevintagelake.com/index.asp

All of us want a life that inspires us to get up in the morning. At this Top 10 Community, they understand that this extends to all individuals – even those with cognitive impairments. The lifestyle at The Auberge at Vintage Lake has been designed to foster purpose, inclusion and community. The result is SparkTM, an innovative program inspired by Montessori Methods that doesn’t just support residents’ needs…it empowers them.

SparkTM means that individuals living with cognitive impairment are encouraged to embrace life using the abilities they have, while celebrating their history and adapting old favorites to work in the new reality. You’ll see that in action when you step through the doors of this Top 10 Community. You’ll see residents engaging, laughing and enjoying a true sense of belonging. You’ll see family members joining in for activities, meals and events, and watch as relationships are celebrated and deepen with each passing moment.

Best of all, The Auberge at Vintage Lake encourages residents to be a true part of the workings of the community. The amazing staff fosters forums of discussion for residents, allowing them to provide input and assist in making plans and decisions for the community in their own way. There is a group of resident communities that meet weekly, and community service projects and lifelong learning opportunities have a regular place on the events calendar. It should come as no surprise that this Top 10 Community partners with the Center for Applied Research in Dementia to make sure that every aspect of life at the community is infused with the current best-practices and techniques to help make life meaningful for those with memory loss.

Ella Springs

16700 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090 | https://www.ellasprings.com/

There’s a lot to enjoy about life at Ella Springs. When it comes to amenities, they have a state-of-the-art movie theatre, a barbecue pavilion, and private or shared memory care apartments that can come fully furnished or ready to be personalized. With regards to services, it ranks at the top of our lists: 24/7 staff on-site, it checks all the boxes: maintenance-free living, best practices in dementia care, a gorgeous building and services personalized to each individual resident. But what makes this Top 10 Community truly spectacular is its mission.

Built in 2017, Ella Springs was founded to provide an enriching life to the seniors of the area and provide a quality of life that brings them closer to God. (It goes without saying that Ella Springs is open to all faiths and spiritualities.) This service-focused approach creates an extra level of quality that’s unusual for even five-star resorts or hotels.

For example, the culinary staff is led by Chef Christopher Eissler, a certified master chef who was once the personal chef of Frank Sinatra and Ted Turner. Like many of the staff and leadership of Ella Springs, he joined Ella Springs because he wanted to dedicate his life to a higher purpose – caring for and serving those in his community.

As one of the newest communities in the Houston Area, Ella Springs has many elevated touches that help make life here inspiring, meaningful and comfortable for their memory care residents. Their caring staff actively participate in dementia care training in order to keep their skills sharp and effective. Residents are treated with dignity and caring, which helps them feel confident as they participate in day-to-day interactions as much as possible. Family members feel supported and informed thanks to activities and events tailored especially to their situation, as well as short-term respite stays and assistance for family caregivers. There’s a phone app that family members can use to easily stay in touch with staff and care providers. And those are just some of the thoughtful and carefully selected approaches that make life great at this Top 10 community.

Eden Memory Care

13058 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429 | https://www.edenmemorycare.com/

What sort of memory care do you want for your family? That’s the question that the owners of Eden Memory Care asked themselves when they themselves were seeking a home for their loved one with memory issues. It was through this search that this Top 10 Community came into being.

Since Eden Memory Care’s leadership has first-hand experience in what it’s like to be a family member looking for support and help, they’ve created an environment like none other. Their community is homelike and comfortable, allowing those with memory impairments to live happily in a familiar place, surrounded by people who treat them with love, dignity and respect.

The three tenants of Eden Memory Care are: Expert Care, Enriched Living and Person-centered Care Plans. Here’s how they hit each and every one out of the park:

Expert care: their skilled, trained staff focuses on the individual person, not the disease. Every staff member receives ongoing training, certification and education to ensure that residents get the very best (and most compassionate) care possible.

Person-centered Care Plans: No two people are alike, which is why care plans veer from the cookie-cutter approach and are instead based around each residents’ specific needs, interests, history and well-being.

Enriched living: Every resident resides in a private room and has access to spacious, communal living areas. Every day is filled with opportunities for socialization and expression through a wide variety of activities. Mealtime is a source of joy, with delicious and nutritious offerings that make every meal something to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Every day at Eden Memory Care is a day to explore, to learn and to be inspired – which is why every day is a great day at this Top 10 Community.

The Legacy at Long Meadow

10403 S Mason Rd, Richmond, TX 77406 | https://thelegacysl.com/long-meadow/

Seniors with memory issues can still benefit from a serene lifestyle that’s built to create an active, purposeful life. The Legacy at Long Meadow, located in Richmond, TX, delivers a unique blend of luxury, leisure and lifestyle that helps seniors thrive.

Their unique Program – Connections – provides a range of activities to help those with memory issues rebuilt physical strength, connect with fellow seniors and sharpen their mental acuity to enjoy the best life possible.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means creating a lifestyle experience that’s beyond just providing services. The Legacy at Long Meadow’s philosophy is that everyone has a purpose, no matter what their age or ability. They focus on four major tenants to create a one-of-a-kind experience for assisted living residents: being Active mentally, socially and physically; providing a Safe environment for opportunities to flourish; Connecting to the community (both on-campus and off-); which leads to a higher sense of Purpose.

The idea of “luxury” lives in the little touches of life, so it’s no surprise that The Legacy at Longmeadow has some pretty cool perks for their memory care residents. One of the most surprising aspects of life at the community is that there is in-room technology that unobtrusively monitors each resident’s safety. Residents enjoy complete privacy, while families have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are never truly alone. There are also point-of-care systems available that helps staff respond and manage care needs, marrying technology with the personal touch.

It’s all part of Legacy’s philosophy of life revolving around their residents and providing personalized care to keep their memory care residents healthy, happy and safe. With so many opportunities to flourish, enjoy and learn, this Top 10 Community truly makes the grade.

The Buckingham

8580 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX 77063 | https://www.buckinghamhouston.com/health-services/memory-care/

The Buckingham is elegance, pure and simple. This Top 10 Community has long been touted as the premier retirement community in Houston with a perfect blending of sleek modern and old-school elegance. (Seriously. We dare you to take a look at the grand staircase in the lobby and not think you’re in a Gilded Age theater).

For seniors with memory issues, The Buckingham has a distinction that’s hard to top: their memory care services are available on a direct-entry basis, with no upfront entrance fee required. That spells convenience for residents and relief for family members.

The Buckingham’s standard of excellence has netted them a huge bunch of awards: A 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; a “Best Nursing Homes” designation by U.S. News & World Report; and a Bronze Award from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living.

But it’s truly the thoughtful, considerate and compassionate approach that makes The Buckingham a Top 10 Community with regards to memory care. Their team is one of the best in the business, providing highly trained, comprehensive and impactful services to residents in a household environment. Thoughtful and personalized care plans play a crucial role in helping residents find meaning, purpose and joy every day.

Memory care apartments are private and beautiful, with floor to ceiling windows, hardwood-style flooring and unobtrusive yet high tech safety features. Each suite and community space has been thoughtfully created to reduce confusion and provide confidence with around-the-clock security. It’s all housed in a gracious, luxurious environment that promotes purpose and celebrates each individual’s life experience – which is exactly why The Buckingham has a place on our Top 10 list.

Caydance Assisted Living & Memory Care

24802 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77494 | https://www.sagora.com/caydance/

This Top 10 Community has an inherent understanding of what the “best life possible” looks like for those living with memory issues. Caydance’s signature memory care programming, Sagora Pathways, is built on the basis of understanding each residents’ unique needs, which helps provide exceptional care through the many stages of dementia. Sagora Pathways is based on three core principles:

Dignity, which means providing appropriate programs alongside the utmost respect and care for residents. Caydance’s focus is on building self-esteem for those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss. This is accomplished by consulting with family, friends and the resident themselves to create personalized plans that deliver ultimate connection and comfort.

Maximum choice. Choice is the basis of life for memory care residents at Caydance. Personalized care plans are always designed with choice and preferences in mind, so that residents are in charge of their own destiny and care. Health and wellness is paired with a focus on independence and decision-making to strengthen existing abilities and celebrate individuality.

Individual focus, which involves learning about each individual resident’s lives, histories, passions, preferences and what makes them unique. By understanding each person on an individual level, staff members are able to connect, form relationships and celebrate life in meaningful ways.

Memory care residents live in a comfortable, separate neighborhood on the Caydance campus, and are encouraged to participate in a choice of activities and events that have been designed to their specific needs. You’ll also find choice in the culinary offerings, which are served three times a day in the Memory Care dining room. That focus on choice – and on providing a lifestyle that’s filled with purpose and passion – is what really makes this Top 10 Community stand out.

Belmont Village Senior Living West University

2929 West Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77025 | https://www.belmontvillage.com/locations/west-university-houston-texas/

At Belmont Village West University, you’ll find the perfect blend of comfort, care and active living. Situated in the heart of the residential West University area, the community is surrounded by premier shopping, entertainment and dining and is just a short drive from Texas Medical Center and many other local standouts.

Belmont Village West University touts itself as a community that’s “built for life,” which means that memory care residents will find everything needed to thrive and enjoy their life here. Everything needed for a high quality of life is on-site: a licensed nurse and well-trained staff on-site 24/7; a professionally managed fitness center with on-site therapy services; a vibrant social activity calendar; and award-winning, innovative memory enrichment programs.

Residents and family members can enjoy a chef-prepared meal in a restaurant-style setting at Josephine’s Kitchen. Or they can get pampered in the full-service salon. Or enjoy a full spectrum of enriching activities and opportunities – the choices are endless.

Residents at Belmont Village take advantage of a “Whole Brain Fitness Lifestyle” that focuses on successful aging and full-body nourishment. A sense of purpose, social network, mental workouts, physical exercise, lifelong learning…these elements are combined to meet each residents’ needs in a unique way.

Besides the plethora of services available, Belmont’s community is filled with touches and nods to the joy of aging and living, such as gorgeous photographs of residents themselves (and their pets as well).

No matter where we are in life, or what stage of the dementia journey we are in, we always want to grow, learn and contribute. Belmont’s dedication to their residents, their focus on whole-body health, their vitality and joy and uplifting supportive services mean that memory care residents will live happy, fulfilled lives at this Top 10 Community.

The Village of the Heights

1407 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008 | https://www.rcmseniorliving.com/senior-living/tx/houston/village-of-the-heights/

This Top 10 Community is located right in the middle of one of Houston’s most historic and desirable zip codes, Memory Care services in an upscale and modern setting. Unlike many other communities, The Village of The Heights is a true part of the community – it’s surrounded on all sides by charming homes, churches and even schools.

Inside, the whole “luxury apartment complex feel” continues with the airy and open common spaces, wood-style flooring, abundant natural light…really, everywhere you look, you’ll be blown away. The Memory Care section of the community has been uniquely designed for those living with memory loss, providing a familiar, safe and comfortable environment paired with high-quality, compassionate support, care and services.

Every aspect of the community has been designed to add an extra level of class, attention and service to the memory care experience – as well as choice! The activities and social events have been designed to be fulfilling and inspiring, and the person-centered programming engages each resident in favorite activities, passions and interests. It’s all part of the mission to help those with memory issues Live Life Well®. Residents can choose from private or semi-private living options and enjoy unmatched assistance, care, and an inviting community to call home.

That attention to detail and providing an exemplary lifestyle experience for those with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other memory issues is what places The Village of The Heights firmly on our Top 10 list.

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