How Our Contact Center Helps Manage Your Future

Part 1: Inbound Inquiries

Here’s a little something that’s similar between your business and our business: we both position ourselves as helping your residents (and future residents) live their best lives. For you, that means being a community that’s a true home to your residents no matter how their health needs or abilities may change in the future. For us, it means helping you manage your prospect pipeline, so your occupancy rate stays full and healthy now, tomorrow and down the road.

That’s something that becomes increasingly important when something happens that hijacks your business plan to the nth degree. You know. Something like a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

Right now, you’re focused on taking care of your residents, families and staff members – in other words, managing your present. That’s the most important thing right now – keeping everyone healthy and safe. We (and everyone else) want you to keep doing that! Which is why we (SeniorVu, that is) want to help you handle the second part of the equation…managing your future.

How can we help you do that? Why, through a dedicated contact center that manages your inbound calls – that’s how.

“But why?” we hear you ask. “Why do I need a contact center to manage our inbound calls during a pandemic?”

The biggest reason? TIME.

Your team is heads-down, caring for residents. Which is where you need to be. BUT! There are families still in need out there, and even though your facility may not be open to in-person tours just yet, it doesn’t mean that future residents and their families shouldn’t be nurtured to connect with your community.

Inbound calls make up at least 50% of your lead volume. Numerous internal and external studies have found that over 50% of sales-related inbound calls are unable to have a substantive conversation on their first call to the community. And since very rarely do callers leave voicemails, that opportunity gets lost…and your potential resident will move on to the next community or referral agency that will have a meaningful conversation with them.

By using SeniorVu’s contact center, you’re assured that every lead feels heard and their data is captured. This is super-important because, as you know, choosing a senior living community for themselves or a loved one isn’t an easy decision to make. Nurturing these leads takes time…and building a relationship isn’t like turning on a light switch. A contact center can get in touch with those leads like whoa as soon as they reach out, help qualify them and move them towards move-in before you can say “boo.”

And, believe us, you’ll love our contact center…and our team members! Our Family Advocate Managers (FAM) are college-educated individuals with nursing backgrounds who act as experts on your community. They are empathic, sensitive and compassionate to what these families and loved ones are going through – and they’re able to listen to callers’ needs and answer their questions accurately and honestly, while being sales-minded and driving to a tour (or virtual tour) when appropriate.

SeniorVu (and our FAMs) has a 5- year track record of scheduling tens of thousands of tours, thousands of move-ins and helping communities like yours stay the course.  Our results speak for themselves – typical clients see tour scheduled rates around 35% and tour completion rates around 70%.

Because helping communities like yours are all we do at SeniorVu, we take that part of your work off your plate so you can focus on what’s immediately important: caring for your residents throughout this pandemic. We’re all in this together, and we’d love to do what we can to help you out. Call us today at (816) 895-8829 for more information.

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