All About YOU: How SeniorVu® toots YOUR horn (not ours)

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This article is Part 4 of a 10-part series about why SeniorVu blows away the competition. If you haven’t read the third installment yet, click here to read it. To find the rest of the series, visit our blog hereDon’t worry, we’ll wait here ‘til you get back!When you pay for a service, you expect certain things. You want to get your money’s worth, for starters. You also want to make sure the service is providing what it said it would–whether that’s a cleaning service, car repairs or medical advice. When it comes to lead generation companies, you’d reasonably expect that, when you pay them money, they make sure your community’s name gets in front of potential residents.

Sounds logical, right? But…that’s not always the case.Our competitors seem to think that the best way for your potential leads to find your community is by going through their company first. That’s why our competitors spend all this money on flashy marketing campaigns on TV, radio, Facebook, what have you–so they can get their company’s name out there and act as your middleman. That means your leads end up going first to Company A’s website and then maybe clicking through to your community’s site…if it happens to catch their eye.

We think that’s about as effective as searching for a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, in this particular haystack you’re just one needle among dozens. So, the odds of a given lead contacting you are substantially lower when you work with these companies.That’s why SeniorVu does it differently. Since you’re spending good money on trying to attract potential residents, we want to make sure your message focuses on what’s really important. That’s you. Not us! So, when we’re finding your leads, sending out messages and nurturing those oh-so-important potential residents, it’s all done under your name and branding. Best of all? Those leads are only being directed to your community, so you’re not having to go toe-to-toe with your competitors.

In other words, it’s just like you’re doing it–but better, because you don’t actually have to do the work! We’ll take care of all the marketing, nurturing and gathering which includes booking the coveted tour (you know, the stuff we do best) so you can focus on your residents, keeping your community happy and healthy, and creating the best tour experience for prospects we send your way (you know, what you do best).

Happy Holidays

Answering inquiries for your community is what our Family Advocate Managers (FAM team) love doing, even on most holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two days we close up shop. We believe all of our team members deserve time with their families. By the next morning, FAM is right back at it to follow up on any inquiries that may have come in the day before.

What about all those other holidays? Rest assured SeniorVu has your time zone covered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each of the following holidays:

Black Friday
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve & Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day

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