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July 2018 Newsletter

We’ve learned a lot from you, our SeniorVu Client Communities, over the last two years. Our brains hurt (in a good way) from all the new knowledge. From that, we’ve come to understand how to provide greater value to you, with services you’ve requested – various ways to provide you with more visibility, and more control, too.

Three themes continue to bubble to the top of your wants and needs.

  1. Visibility and control with how your marketing dollars are spent – clicks and impressions mean little, without understanding which click resulted in a move-in.
  2. Exclusive leads. “Please don’t use my brand to get a lead, and then share them with my competitors.”
  3. All leads get answered within a few minutes not “hours or days.”

You’re in control.
Cookie-cutter doesn’t work. Yes, it makes for better efficiency for parters that don’t care, BUT we now know that each community needs something different. Everyone is unique. Instead of paying for all of the SeniorVu services, whether you need it or not, you get to pick and choose what you want. So, our clients are served from our a la carte marketing menu.

No more success fee.
There’s something anti-climactic when you get a move-in only to turn around and pay a 3rd party provider a success fee. We tossed those fees out the window. Instead, you get to decide how much to spend on your marketing each month. And with our detailed analytics, you’ll know exactly how much money to spend to get the number of move-ins you need! Remember, every Community is different, so shouldn’t each of them have their own marketing plan?

We’ve gotten much smarter.
Since we track everything we do, and I mean everything, we learn fast, we connect the dots, we stop doing what doesn’t work and do more of what does. Our technology is more agile. Our digital marketing is more targeted. Our analytics are 1,000 points deep. Our speed-to-lead is under 5 minutes (which increases the likelihood of a move-in by 7X.) And we show our clients everything. They like knowing when one marketing method is better than another for their community. They like having control over their marketing spend. And they tell us they like having an extra team to catch and track their leads before they hit the floor.

One thing hasn’t changed. Our products and services!
We still offer all the same great services, and then some: massive database of seniors and adult children and machine learning algorithm to match the two; digital marketing (and an experienced strategy to go with it); Family Advocates with emotional intelligence (and just plain smarts) to work with families reaching out about your community; lead nurturing, lead management and marketing; individualized direct mail at great rates – with clever creative concepts that receive above average response rates; mobile CRM that tracks your lead activity in real-time; and the ever-popular transparent analytics to show you how and where your dollars work best.They are SeniorVu’s secret, amazing resource. Here’s the deal. On your behalf our FAM team will guarantee the following:

  • Every family we talk to on your behalf will be in a better place after the call, even if they don’t qualify for your Community. We will help them because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Every, and we mean every, lead will get a response and we will chase them until we connect.
  • Every initial lead response will happen within 5 minutes.
  • Every lead we pass on to you will be fully qualified (no more unqualified, chase your tail, leads for your sales team).
  • We can guarantee all of the above and can deliver it to you every day for less than half of the cost of a full-time employee.

Think about it. No leads hit the floor. Every lead has a rapid follow-up. All leads will be qualified before they’re handed off to you. You asked for this capability, now you’ve got it.The fact is the big lead aggregators are stealing your shelf space on the internet and then sharing your leads with your competitors. We all know it but are afraid to confront them out of fear they’ll get mad. Well, sooner or later a bully has to be confronted and SeniorVu is fighting back, on your behalf, with our incredible digital marketing team, who lives by the numbers.

In an effort to help you re-claim some shelf space and the leads that generates, they monitor your campaign hourly by tracking the cost per conversion, the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), the quality score of that click, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and the actual conversion rate. They are watching all the activity from the moment your ad is pushed out until a lead from that ad walks through your doors and moves-in.

Their number crunching goes much deeper than impressions, clicks and leads. It dives into the number of calls or emails to connect with that lead, and the speed of the connection. It tracks the lead’s qualification process, the tour, and ultimate move-in. It tracks which marketing piece actually triggered the family to respond. And there’s even more information collected around each of those data points!

The research is wide and deep. At SeniorVu, we grab it all and study it closely, and analyze it, then hand it over to you. We share all the facts about your campaigns so you can decide where you want to spend your marketing dollars.

Let our digital scientists track your marketing campaigns so you decide where best to spend your marketing money. Let our Family Advocates be an extension of your marketing team by catching those leads before they hit the floor, reaching out to those leads at the right time with the right message and treating each one like family. And, let our Success Managers treat you as if you’re in a 5 Star restaurant by serving up complete transparency of your actionable analytics. Are you hungry for more information? We would love to send you an a la carte menu of SeniorVu services! Call us at 855-726-5763 or email us at info@seniorvu.com.