Lakeview Village Expands Outreach with Virtual Events

Lakeview Village, a luxurious retirement community for Independent Living residents, is reporting high participation with new outreach technology used for prospects and leads. The SeniorVu Lead Management Platform along with their Digital Marketing and Creative Services teams produce a professional, virtual experience on behalf of clients like Lakeview Village. SeniorVu makes it easy for seniors to connect with the community via computer, tablet or smart phone.  With fewer visits to senior living communities due to the pandemic, SeniorVu created this solution to assist senior living communities in their outreach and prospecting efforts.

“It started with the stay-at-home requirements,” said Colette Panchot, Sales and Marketing Director for Lakeview Village. “Our prospects were eager to sign-up for our first Virtual Event, so we moved forward with more Virtual Events through the SeniorVu team. The fact that they are handling all the of technical aspects, plus providing a professional moderator and creative content support, allows my team to focus on the marketing message. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing these all along.” 

Panchot goes on to say that even though her community is now open for scheduled tours, the continued challenge of COVID-19 is keeping some seniors from venturing out. Lakeview Village can still market and connect with prospects to answer their questions live through SeniorVu’s Virtual Events space.

“As difficult as the pandemic has been for the senior living industry, it has also been an opportunity for innovation at SeniorVu,” said Tim Donnelly, CEO, SeniorVu.  “We’re a technology company so when our client communities expressed concerned about reaching prospects, we wanted to do everything we could to fix that.  Our Virtual Events service makes it very easy for seniors to participate, basically, all they have to do is push a button.”

If you are interested in learning more about the SeniorVu’s Virtual Events call SeniorVu at (816) 895-8829. 


Located in Lenexa, Kansas, a suburb of metro Kansas City, Lakeview Village offers neighborhood-style living in its nonprofit Life Plan community. Its 700 residents have the added advantage of Lakeview LifeCare™ — an all-inclusive plan covering a maintenance-free lifestyle, plus unlimited access to assisted living and long-term nursing care for only a modest increase in a resident’s independent living monthly fee. www.lakeviewvillage.org


SeniorVu is a state-of-the-art Sales, Marketing and Employment Engagement Platform that gives communities control of their leads, brand, time and money.  Their technology combined with a highly proficient contact center and support team means 100% of inquiries are reached within minutes. With real-time analytics communities can determine where and when to spend their marketing dollars. After analyzing aggregated data from more than 600 communities in 18-months SeniorVu delivers repeatable and predictable results to their senior living clients. www.seniorvu.com

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