Landing Page vs. Website: Which Will Drive More Sales?

Many of SeniorVu’s community clients have fallen in love with the benefits of a landing page.  And some of them will tell you, it has taken some educating and nudging to get them to try it.  They’ve come to appreciate the value a landing page provides when they have such a beautifully designed website homepage that shares their mission, amenities, and emotional photography.


What is the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

A homepage and a landing page produce two different actions. One is made for exploration.  The other is made to keep you there! One of the top priorities of a landing page is generating leads, with 49% of marketers report increasing customer acquisitions as their primary objective. When done right, a landing page can convert 115% higher than your average website homepage.  Here’s why.

When someone goes to your homepage, it acts as a hub, a table of contents that leads a family to click on other parts of your website. A landing page, on the other hand, is a destination—it’s where you want your consumers to land after they click on an ad or a link in an email.


What is a website?

Think of your website like playground equipment. On the playground equipment, everyone climbs up one ladder to get to the top. At the top, there are many different paths a person can take to get down to the bottom—the twirly slide, monkey bars, fireman pole, tube slide, or wooden arch bridge. You can’t control who is going to take which path, but you hope that everyone eventually ends up in sandpit at the bottom…because the sandpit is where the users can give you their information. But what if they don’t get to the sandpit? What if they get distracted and want to go up the ladder again and go down a different slide or swing up the monkey bars? What if they never reach the sandpit?

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Imagine how potential clients feel!


What is a landing page?

Here’s where a landing page comes in. A landing page is all about focus; it’s the key to taking control of traffic, leads, and conversions. Landing pages are also more likely to end up at the top of Google Search and Google Maps. In fact, 48% of Google’s top landing pages ranked at the top of organic searches.

Unlike a typical homepage or website, a landing page has four key things going for it:

A call to action (CTA).

The landing page clearly and concisely addresses the consumer’s issues for coming to your website in the first place. When a family makes that decision to move a loved one into a senior living community, they already are aware of their intent. They want to work with a company who not only understands their needs and what they’re looking for, but also gets them speaking to an actual person as soon as possible. A landing page can do that, by providing an immediate call to action, with contact and chat functions, as well as providing contact info. By getting an email or a phone number submitted right away, you are one step closer to converting a lead into an actual client. And in fact, the average landing page conversion rate is 10% across all industries. The most popular combination to generating these leads is name and email (7%) and email and birthdate (5%).

Minimal distractions on the page.

By keeping the landing page simple with only steps on how you can get more information about the lead, you are creating a better overall client experience. A website, on the other hand, can be flashy and full of excess information—extra links, blogs, web navigation, etc.—and that information can distract from the end goal. To control where your users go and what action they take (i.e. getting them to the sandpit asap), link them directly to a landing page. Homepages help direct web traffic but landing pages help turn traffic into conversions.

Customized messaging and design that matches an ad or search.

When a potential client searches the web for a senior living facility near them, they might search for a community the supports specific needs. When they click on your link, you want to place them at their end destination. As counter intuitive as it may sound, think of it this way: you see an ad for 50% off boots and you click on the ad. The ad links you up with the “About Our Company” page versus the sale page with the boots. You feel confused and frustrated. Where are the boots for sale? Why is this website making me think so hard? Then you close the website because they didn’t make the process easy.

Now picture this: you click on the ad and not only does it bring you to the boots’ sale page, but the boots from the ad are at the top and in your size. You click “add to cart” and a sale is made. Landing pages help customers feel seen. Furthermore, by addressing a consumer’s potential fears or hesitations on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.*  The easier an experience is for a potential lead online, the implication is that it will be a smooth experience in real life, and the lead will provide you with their contact info.

Audience targeting.

This may be one of your most valuable assets of turning your ad money into conversions. A personalized CTA converts 202% better than its default versions.** You can create a customized experience for potential clients so that they get directed to the precise community they need. Let’s say you’re a larger senior living facility with three types of communities: one that is for active seniors, one that is for seniors who need more assistance, and one for seniors with memory care. You may have ads that target senior community living in general, and when a lead clicks on that, they’ll get a landing page that is about your community in general and a CTA for contact info. However, you can also create two other ads—one for assisted living and one for memory care—and when a lead clicks on either, they will be sent to that specified page, where they will get a CTA that meets their needs.

With SeniorVu, we’ll make sure your landing page features the look, feel, amenities and mission of your brand.  It will be super focused, complete with customized messaging, targeted to a specific audience, and best of all, will convert much higher than that beautiful website. For most communities that is the ultimate goal.



*A study by Marcus Sheridan, keynote speaker of Inbound 2019, that was published by Hubspot and then pared down by ironpaper.com.


**A study by Jeffrey Vocell


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