The Lead Generation Concerto: A Work in Three Movements

For the next three weeks, we’ll be giving bite-sized explanations of how SeniorVu works–in other words, how we “compose” and “perform” the perfect lead generation and conversion strategy for you. Our approach is simple: we use three different “movements” (distinct parts of the strategy) that are woven together to create results that are far greater than the sum of its parts.

First Movement: Lead Generation (Leado Generationo)

Our concerto begins with the lively and dedicated work of our SeniorVu account managers. They open by getting to know what is unique about your community, identifying your brand promise and determining your lead criteria. Then, we create of a profile of your ideal resident, engaging our proprietary scoring algorithm to find the perfect future residents (and their adult children) out of our database of 82 million records. The movement wraps up with the creation of an automated marketing campaign that drives your selected leads to marketing pieces we’ve created to highlight your community, its benefits, pricing and more.

Tune in next week for an in-depth discussion of the second part of the Lead Generation Concerto—Lead Qualification!