Learning from Another National Crisis

A message from SeniorVu Founder & CEO, Tim Donnelly

I can now say I have been in the middle of the two biggest crises in our lifetime, not as a provider but as a servant to those on the frontlines of both crises. In 2008, our mortgage clients were dealing with the most turbulent financial times our nation had seen since the Great Depression. Consumers were scared, the housing and mortgage markets collapsed, and the economy tanked. Today, our world is shocked by another crisis that is different, but one thing is the same, there is widespread fear. 

In August of 2008 I remember fielding requests by a couple of our mortgage clients to help assemble a coalition that would create a unified effort to ease the concerns of consumers about the mortgage industry. The outcome of this effort not only established a tightly knit group of mortgage executives that are still friends today, but each executive’s company began creating strategic messaging that combatted fears and the negative sentiment consumers had about the mortgage industry.

The senior living industry in ways is dealing with a similar situation, fears that senior living communities are not the best place for their mom, dad or grandparent. The negative sentiment of the nation about the coronavirus is not helping the senior living industry. Sound familiar? The senior living industry needs to take a play out of the playbook of the aforementioned mortgage group mentioned above. They need to create messaging that acknowledges their fears; informs them of the facts that the health and wellbeing of their loved one will be better cared for by professionals that live the rules of the CDC everyday (the caregivers in the communities and nursing homes); and lastly, senior living operators need not fear the mountainous-looking task of creating a communications strategy that gets in front of this type of crisis. #CallSeniorVu.

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