Episode 2 – Marketing Automation with Tim Donnelly

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There are more than 142,000 companies that rely on Marketing Automation to reach their customers and prospects every day.  It’s an effective tool that got its start in the 90’s and really rose to fame between 2006-2008 when software companies were feverishly building platforms to serve clients.  SoftVu was one of the first software companies to create a platform specifically for Marketing Automation.  We mention SoftVu only because that was the company that SeniorVu’s founders created first. They were on a mission to help the mortgage industry provide a better experience to people shopping for a loan.  It didn’t take long until they were soon helping banks all across the country send email marketing campaigns automatically to prospects and clients. 


Now you can understand why SeniorVu knows a thing or two about Marketing Automation – we have history.  We learned a lot from those 20 years in the trenches.  What messages work best (because we A/B tested all of them!)  How quickly to send the message after a prospect reaches out, how many touchpoints is the right number, how to respond to them all along the customer’s journey. 


Now SeniorVu is applying all that wealth of knowledge in the senior living space.  We work side by side with busy senior living community clients who don’t have the time or expertise to build out their messages, their cadence, plus, respond to those prospects appropriately, in a way THEY want to be responded to.  Their “wheelhouse” is being great caregivers to seniors we love.


Marketing Automation is one of the most valuable software tools to connect with potential new residents in senior living.  In this podcast, we believe you will enjoy this conversation with SeniorVu CEO Tim Donnelly whose former company was one of the first in the country to use it successfully for an entire industry (mortgage) and who is now sharing its value with his new favorite industry -senior living.

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