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JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJob3cta2F0aWUtZ290LWhlci1ncm9vdmUtYmFjayUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRmElM0U=Some days it feels like ‘one step forward, two steps back’ only because as leaders in a senior living community you are juggling an enormous amount of responsibility. Since your community of residents always comes first, efforts to keep the pipeline full of leads can be more than a struggle.

Meet Katie. She gets you. She now has fewer plates to juggle, her stress level is down and she’s even found the swagger she thought was long gone. How did Katie get her groove back? She discovered a secret weapon. Watch this 96 second video and find out why you want to be like Katie.JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJsZWFkLWdlbmVyYXRpb24lMjIlM0UlM0MlMkZhJTNFFor years, marketers have been working to hone in on just the right strategy to reach a specified target audience, ever-building their pipeline. Bygone are the days of simply having a website with a strong SEO, keyword strategy.

How do we gain the attention of the buying audience in an information overloaded world? We’ve compiled a list of the most current trends in lead generation among top marketing professionals.

    • 1. Defined Database
      Here is where all marketing starts. Who is your ideal consumer? Defining their persona and locating them helps with your marketing strategy. What’s their net worth? Where do they live? Who is their adult child?   Answering these questions first, then literally locating them, prioritizing your desire to reach them will lead you to results.
    • 2. Intelligent Email Marketing
      So, your CRM is full of leads captured through your multimedia channels, but what are you doing to continue to nurture those leads? You might say “this isn’t really lead generation.” We ask, “Are they paying you?” The idea behind intelligent email marketing is to work those leads that are in your pipeline, but have not yet converted. Combine email marketing with prescriptive analytics and you have drastically upped your game. You increase the chance of converting those leads by sending them messages that are tailored to meet them where they are in the buying process. Neigh Sayers say, “Folks don’t open emails anymore.” We say, “That’s not necessarily always true.” Some email tactics that are producing high conversion rates are the use of rich media and attention-getting subject lines.
    • 3. Landing Pages
      There is a major difference between using a company’s website and using a landing page to drive lead traffic. Sometimes less is best. While a website explains the general overview of the company, a landing page can be tailored topically to interest the lead. Landing pages can either sync back up with the website or stand on their own. With this highly-focused approach keeping their attention on features that matter to them, little is left to distract the visitor. That produces more conversions.
    • 4. Facebook Ads
      Facebook has proven year over year to be a valuable social media channel, especially in B to C lead generation. Admittedly, Facebook’s algorithm has changed, making the social media platform almost unrecognizable to engagement marketers. That may now make the use of Facebook’s Ads Manager a necessity to get your company’s message in front of your targeted audience, and the dollar-to-ad spend is budget friendly for many companies. Facebook’s Ads Manager allows the marketing team to build a target audience based on historical interaction data of Facebook users. Coupling Facebook ads with a topical landing page helps to convert more leads, ensuring that you are flooding your company’s sales pipeline with quality, not quantity.
    • 5. Highly-Focused, Very Well Targeted Direct Mail
      Direct mail can be an expensive option when not directed at the proper audience and doesn’t deliver the right message. When a defined database is combined with technology to target the best consumer for your community, the results can be highly effective. The mistake comes when the message doesn’t resonate with the consumer or when the message looks like the same message from others in your industry. Results occur when the message is created and delivered specifically to those defined potential residents.
    • 6. Creating Valuable Content
      What kind of content does your targeted audience value? Don’t know? That’s ok. Use apps that help you listen to your audience and what they are sharing. Not creepy type of government listening, but social listening tools such as Google Alerts, Social Mention and Topsy. Tools such as these show you what your target audience is saying about your brand and what they are interested in. Being in the “know” allows you to write content that join in the conversation instead of interrupting it.
    • 7. Speak at Events
      As archaic as it might sound, there is still not much more valuable than face-to-face time with your leads, asking them what you can do as a company to help them. Speaking at offline events will help you reach a different pool of people while adding to your credibility as a reputable company.
    • 8. Incorporate Live Chat
      Let’s face it, as informative as we try to be as marketers, we cannot realistically answer all of our leads’ questions on a blog post or website. The addition of live chat to your website or landing pages, allows your leads to receive the help and support they are requesting right when they are requesting it. That positions your company as resourceful and responsive. Finally, leads who engage in a live chat session have a higher likelihood of giving contact information – the most valuable data for your sales team.
    • 9. Take Out the Guess Work
      At the end of the day, all of these strategies are only as good as the capability to measure their effectiveness with your audience. Incorporating your lead generation strategies with a CRM that can capture real time data of your lead’s interaction with marketing campaigns allows you to know if it’s working. Are your messages and strategies converting leads? With this knowledge, marketers are able to tweak campaigns to better serve the lead , ultimately driving up conversions.

Lead generation is not a one-stop shop, nor a one-size-fits-all when done well and strategically. Lead generation in today’s information overload is done best with smart technology, digital know-how and consumer insight allowing you as the marketer to join the conversation, add value, worth and brand loyalty to the ever-increasing competitive market. Usually only then will companies experience the desired lead conversion rates to produce the results they need.

This is the work SeniorVu does all day long. To learn how you can get high-quality leads and higher conversion rates, call us at (855) 726-5763.JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJ0aGUtY2xpZW50LWV4cGVyaWVuY2UlMjIlM0UlM0MlMkZhJTNFThe idea that technology makes the customer experience better is not always the case. We’ve all been there. Whether we call a company for support only to get lost in a phone tree that never takes us to a human, or we get to a human only to be transferred to another human who asks us to communicate our entire scenario again. They are both really lousy experiences.

Research by groovehq.com says that for every time a customer has a good experience they likely will share their story with 9 other people. For every unhappy customer who complains, there are 26 others who don’t say anything. That’s why we highly regard the customer experience at SeniorVu.

Meet our Client Success Managers (CSM) – a.k.a. the Happiness Team! A special group of individuals who are already providing joy to our client communities. Here’s what they do:

Every time a new client community comes onboard, they receive their one and only Client Success Manager. From that point forward, their CSM handles all of their needs, their wants, their analytics. Whenever a community partner has a question or needs statistics regarding their marketing campaign, they talk with one person, their personal CSM.

As awesome as that one feature may be, we know that isn’t enough to maintain “happiness” status. That’s why we believe in full transparency at SeniorVu. Part of the CSM’s role is to, on a regular basis, show our community partners what our marketing efforts have produced for them. It’s how SeniorVu stays accountable to the communities and to themselves! Full transparency means we talk about when things are going right and when things may not be going right. It means we’re working together on the common goal – increasing occupancy rate!

When a partner wants to understand what in the heck a machine learning algorithm does, or talk why big data is such a big deal, or just have someone graciously educate them on all the digital lingo our SeniorVu CSM’s will find the answers. They are here to find meaning where it matters to our partner communities. And more importantly, they are here to get each community the results they want.

Who are the members of SeniorVu’s CSM “happiness team”? They are genuinely positive people who are incredible listeners and problem-solvers, yet each has their own reason for being here.Kristy started her own non-profit before coming to SeniorVu, born out of a personal need to help seniors. Her non-profit is still going strong and she feels SeniorVu allows her to support the communities who also support seniors.

“I know this can be a scary time in a senior’s life,” says Kristy. “They don’t generally like change. Working with the communities that also want a safe and happy transition for seniors is super fulfilling.” And it’s challenging. Kristy knows that SeniorVu services are not a “one size fits all” so working with our partners to pair them with their future residents makes for a perfect fit. And if things aren’t going well, “we work through it and it’s better.”


Christen started her career as a traveling nurse. Her nurturing personality helps her connect well with her partner communities. She says once the communities really understand all that SeniorVu does for them, they get excited.

“Not everyone is a marketing expert that’s why we’re here,” says Christen. “When a community partner has questions about their campaign, or the blend of marketing we offer, I’m the person that works with them. We touch base often to discuss their numbers and make adjustments where they may need to be made.” Our team of SeniorVu Family Advocate Managers spend their day talking with their potential future residents. “When we match the two,” Christen says, “it’s exciting, it feels good!”


Radwan’s career began in marketing. Family has always been extremely important to him. It was when he was working for a healthcare software company he realized he had a passion for helping seniors.

“Learning about SeniorVu’s story – how CEO Tim Donnelly’s personal experience with his aging parents sparked this company, it really touched me. I knew this was a way to give my passion and energy to seniors by helping the communities that serve them.” When the right senior is matched with the right community, Radwan and everyone at SeniorVu celebrates with them.


Paige lost all of her grandparents at an early age. She says, since she was little she would see every senior as her grandparents.

Paige said, “The people we work with at our partner communities are caring people, they want their residents to be happy, to live a long, fulfilling life. What I like about SeniorVu is that we not only want a good fit, we want communities to give their time to all of those ‘grandparents’.” Paige’s former career in health care marketing provides the background for helping communities and residents find each other.

The CSM’s ask their client partners something each time they talk – “what feedback do you have for us? How can we do a better job to serve you?” At SeniorVu we believe in learning, adjusting to serve our client communities to achieve the best results possible for them. Sure, technology is a key component to finding future residents but it’s genuinely caring people who deliver a high-quality customer experience every day.

To learn more about SeniorVu, call us at (855) 726-5763.