SeniorVu March Newsletter

JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJzcGVlZC10by1sZWFkJTIyJTIwc3R5bGUlM0QlMjJkaXNwbGF5JTNBJTIwYmxvY2slM0IlMjBwb3NpdGlvbiUzQSUyMHJlbGF0aXZlJTNCJTIwdG9wJTNBJTIwLTEwMHB4JTNCJTIwdmlzaWJpbGl0eSUzQSUyMGhpZGRlbiUzQiUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRmElM0U=SeniorVu is constantly collecting data, analyzing it, and making changes to improve the outcomes. We like learning to benefit our clients! What we’ve learned about senior living marketing and sales in the past 18 months is especially interesting – data worth reading.

In this latest downloadable eBook: When it Comes to Sales, Should You Be the Tortoise or the Hare?, you’ll read results of our speed-to-lead research, find out how to improve the tour to move-in ratios and take away practical changes to improve census.JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJmYXJtLXRhYmxlJTIyJTIwc3R5bGUlM0QlMjJkaXNwbGF5JTNBJTIwYmxvY2slM0IlMjBwb3NpdGlvbiUzQSUyMHJlbGF0aXZlJTNCJTIwdG9wJTNBJTIwLTEwMHB4JTNCJTIwdmlzaWJpbGl0eSUzQSUyMGhpZGRlbiUzQiUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRmElM0U=Bob Raymond was in the restaurant business before finding his way to Commonwealth Senior Living.  In this podcast, Bob shares how he connected with 47 Virginia farms and 11 local fisherman to provide their residents with a true ‘farm-to-table’ menu every day.

The Senior Views is a podcast hosted by Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart and Valissa Smith of SeniorVu.JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJyeWFuLXR1Y2tlciUyMiUyMHN0eWxlJTNEJTIyZGlzcGxheSUzQSUyMGJsb2NrJTNCJTIwcG9zaXRpb24lM0ElMjByZWxhdGl2ZSUzQiUyMHRvcCUzQSUyMC0xMDBweCUzQiUyMHZpc2liaWxpdHklM0ElMjBoaWRkZW4lM0IlMjIlM0UlM0MlMkZhJTNFYou’ve heard the phrase: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  It’s so true.  It happens. Which is why SeniorVu has created a new position to prevent it from happening as much as humanly and technologically possible.

Meet Ryan Tucker.  She is SeniorVu’s Community Prospect Liaison – a.k.a. the information gatherer, the bridge maker, the problem solver.

“My friends describe me as Switzerland,” laughs Ryan.  “I want everyone to win, and I love finding solutions that results in everyone being happy.” Ryan has been with SeniorVu since spring of 2017. “I really like getting in front of a problem before it ever occurs.”

Please don’t confuse Ryan’s Switzerland status as “pacifism.”  Her Switzerland more accurately is a fierce “neutrality.”  It’s with a lot of thoughtful planning, clear communicating and detailed tracking that Ryan works with our client communities to produce positive results from every tour SeniorVu sends their way.

Here’s how Ryan rolls.

“Margaret” schedules a tour through one of our SeniorVu Family Advocate Managers, a.k.a the FAM team. They send a tour alert over to our client community, and they remind Margaret of her tour the day before.

A day or two after the tour Ryan checks in with the community, gets in-depth feedback about the tour.  She asks questions like ‘Did the tour go as planned?’ ‘What were the highlights and the lowlights?’  ‘Were there any stumbling blocks or concerns?’  ‘Do they believe it’s a good fit?’  ‘Do they plan to move-in?’ ‘Did they share anything unusual about their situation?’

At the same time, the SeniorVu FAM team member who originally scheduled the tour checks in with Margaret to get HER feedback on the tour.  Ryan shares those results with the client community and together they determine next steps to nurture Margaret all the way to that move-in.

At SeniorVu we’ve learned that communication is key.  Sharing thorough information about Margaret’s experience with our client communities and strategizing with them on next steps is one way Ryan helps turn tours into successful move-ins.  The purpose is to keep that exclusive lead moving in the right direction.  If the tour is scheduled simply to “kick the tires” you’ll know that.  If Margaret isn’t ready to move-in now, Ryan helps the community track Margaret through the FAM team. As marketing and sales teams get busy with the next tour or the next move-in they may lose track of Margaret.  Not Ryan Tucker.  She’ll keep her eye on Margaret and keep the community informed.

“By keeping track of potential residents like Margaret with an empathetic ear and a compassionate heart, we want to provide a service to our client communities they don’t get any place else,” says Kristy Watson, Director of Client Management. “We want to do all we can to nurture all of the Margarets that come through SeniorVu, all the way to a move-in for our client communities.”

To set up a consultation with Ryan for your community, send her an email at ryan.tucker@softvu.com.