Managing Your Online Reputation through Review Notifications

Review Notifications

Whenever shoppers consider a new purchase, they now have the luxury of checking out the online reviews. The number of stars a product receives isn’t all they’re looking for. Often consumers want to know more about the product they’re considering. No one wants to buy a pair of shoes online, ship them home then find out when they try them on that they run too narrow. Ouch! It’s nice to know how a shoe fits before you go to all that trouble. Reading why that fat-footed person gave it a 2-star review helps the reader better understand the product and it helps the shoe company understand how to better communicate with its consumers.

It’s the same with senior living. Online reviews help families find exactly what they’re looking for and it helps communities see how they are perceived by the public. The size, the cost, and meal plan are important to understand but above all else, they want to know if the community has a good reputation or not. When disgruntled employees or family members jump on the internet to quickly share a bad experience, they will find that too. Whether they are right or wrong, it’s always best practice to respond to all reviews right away and to do so in an appropriate, thoughtful, and professional tone. Growing a business is hard enough without letting a bad review sit out on the internet for days! To the consumer that can translate to an unresponsive community and no one wants to move their loved one to an unresponsive community!

Review Notifications

SeniorVu understands just how precious your time is everyday which is why they created Review Notifications. It’s a tool that gathers up all online reviews about your community and sends them via email so you know right away when a new review has appeared. Listen to SeniorVu’s Chief Technology Officer explain more about how it works and why clients sign up for it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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