Seeing the Forest AND the Trees: The Value of a Data Dashboard

We all know the phrase about “not seeing the forest for the trees.” Broken down, it means being so wrapped up in the minutiae that we’re not able to see the big picture. It’s an apt comparison to looking at lead generation campaigns for your senior living community. There are a lot of moving parts: emails, PPC landing pages, social media ads, direct mail…and in order to be successful, you need to know how they’re working. Sure, you may have a general idea of how things are going. But if you aren’t able to efficiently track how your campaigns are doing on a regular basis, how do you know if they’re even working – or what you could be doing better?


Now, what if you could see all that information every day? You could quickly analyze how your new email campaign clickthrough rate is doing, or how many leads have been converted in the past week, or what subject line wins out in the A/B testing. Doesn’t that sound like a useful tool? Wouldn’t you be able to better manage your lead generation and conversion using something like that? (Yes, we know…we’re leading the witness. Don’t blame us; it’s our blog.)


That’s where a dashboard – specifically, a data dashboard – can take your campaign to the next level. A dashboard, with regards to CRM, is an app that is one central location for getting information at a glance about all aspects of your campaigns. Depending on what your goals are, you’ll have different data points and metrics that will allow you to see where you are in your goal planning, if you need to make changes to anything in your approach or simply see how awesome you’ve been doing following your new partnership with SeniorVu (whoops…sorry, leading the witness again. Sometimes we get carried away).


Now, most of the time, people think about a dashboard as a place to see things like click-through rates and website impressions. That’s a great place to start…but where a dashboard can really get you going is by tracking a bunch of other metrics that you might not have thought about (that are actually really important to your campaign’s success). Things like…


Where your leads are coming from! Are you getting the majority of your leads from a PPC campaign? Or are they organically visiting your website? What about your social media ads? Referrals? Knowing where your leads have come from will help you prioritize where to put your money, and also help you find areas where you can diversify.


Which keywords are working best?  Knowing THE best keywords to include in your digital marketing can help drive more traffic to your website and ultimately to more tours and move-ins.  Here are 2020’s top 10 best keywords to include when attempting to attract new senior living prospects:  (add keywords here)



Open opportunities! Which of your leads are still trickling through the pipeline? How close are they to the end zone? Which ones show promise, which ones should be nurtured more, and which ones should you let go? This helps you know where to put your time…and maybe even see where in the process your leads are getting bogged down.


Conversion rate! The granddaddy of them all…how many of your leads do you convert to signed, moved-in residents? If it’s high, great! If not, what can you (or SeniorVu) do to make it better?


Having a daily dashboard allows you to feel a little less lost in the CRM woods and have a clear path to success. Need a seasoned woodsman to help you through the forest? Call Tim Donnelly at 816-219-8308.  Trust us…you’ll be in good hands.

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