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How accurate do you think your ‘gut’ really is? We all make decisions based on a ‘feeling’ or an ‘instinct’…but how reliable is this as a real decision-making method? When it comes to making choices that directly impact your senior living community’s sales funnel, marketing budget, and (ultimately) occupancy it is best to have some cold, hard data to back up that ‘gut’.

Analytics & Reporting is measuring and analyzing performance to optimize your return on investment. Done correctly, it provides an extremely valuable view into your marketing efforts and adds clarity to your decision-making process. Gut decisions are fine for when you go out to dinner.  It takes data driven decisions to improve occupancy.

What We Offer

Consumer Journey Transparency

See where your prospects are coming from and what they are searching for.

Marketing Source Attribution

See which marketing sources are producing the best prospects.

Sales Funnel Visibility

See your history of marketing efforts all the way to a tour and move-in.

Call Recording and Transcription

Listen to and read conversations with prospects inquiring about your community.

Voice Analytics

Understand the meaning behind some of the questions prospects are asking.

Customizable Dashboards

Your analytics is presented with your community’s particular priorities in mind.

Real-Time Analytics

See current numbers of prospects reached, nurtured, scheduled to tour and more.


Receive a daily report on leads and tour notifications each morning.

"...it so much easier to see how many leads we are currently working on..."

Look What You Can Do

You can now see more than just clicks and engagement. You can now hear more than one side of prospects phone call.  Gone are the days when you couldn’t really determine where your lead came from. When it comes to digital marketing, your online presence, and even down to the direct mail you send, SeniorVu helps you leverage your marketing dollars by isolating the source of every lead and tracking their journey to your community’s front door. We help you gather the information you need to target your ideal prospects and create a solid marketing strategy that will deliver consistent results and a truly optimized sales funnel.  It’s all available in the SeniorVu platform and your Client Services Manager is with you every step of the way to help translate all that data into actionable metrics.

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