5 Tools for Every Digital Marketer in Senior Living

Senior Living Digital Marketing

Are you searching for senior living digital marketing tools? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 tools every digital marketer in senior living should be using.

1. Google Analytics – https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/

Google Analytics is a powerful tool you can use to gather data and learn more about how to optimize your senior living website. Analytics provides a versatile way to dig into your traffic, find key insights, set up custom tracking goals and view how people are using your website – all in a free package!

By having a deeper view into your traffic, you can easily segment your data to find out what devices and channels bring visitors to your website. Understanding how people experience and perceive your site is crucial to making improvements and setting up tests, while identifying channel performance can inform where to spend your resources. Perhaps more importantly, set up conversion and actions you want people to take so you can start to gather data on how to optimize around those goals.

2. Crazy Egg – https://www.crazyegg.com/

While tools like Google Analytics provide information based on pageview data and general website flows, Crazy Egg presents more specific click and content data in a simpler way with heatmaps. These visual representations of activity on your website make it easier to see how people engage with your website in different areas. Alongside other analytical tools, Crazy Egg is a senior living digital marketing tool that empowers you to merge your data and visuals to create a story.

This information & story can be valuable for improving your user experience (UX) and sparking ideas to further A/B test. Consider how each element on your website serves the purpose of the page they are on, and how well users seem to understand that purpose. If you aren’t sure where to begin, heatmaps can tell you where to start!

3. Ubersuggest – https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

As a huge part of driving traffic to your site is knowing what keywords people are using and how to target your paid search & SEO initiatives. Ubersuggest is one of many keyword tools that can help you identify new keywords with volume estimates & search trends. By entering keywords you already know you want to target you can find related ones to further your reach.

Knowing how your visitors search is key to both marketing your website to effectively reach them and developing content that speaks to their interests or needs. By creating content on your website that’s relevant to your user’s search terms and interests, they will be more inclined to make meaningful interaction with your brand. Spend time researching keywords that are relevant to your community and align them with your website to create a cohesive strategy.

4. Subscribers – https://subscribers.com/

Reaching your target market with your brand’s message through website and email communication is a fundamental process of online marketing. Web push notifications through tools such as Subscribers offer a new middle-ground in how to reach visitors with new content. By opting-in to receive notifications, users can be aware when new blogs, specials or updates are posted.

The senior living search process can be a lengthy and involved process as seniors and families search for the best match for their situation, and Subscribers offers a method of reaching your users throughout their search on multiple devices. Utilize push notifications in sync with your email messaging to relay useful, timely updates they may help develop a deeper exchange down the sales funnel. Be sure to test different content and keep the timing aspect in mind, as you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors and lose engagement.

5. Google Search Console – https://search.google.com/search-console/about

Lastly, be sure to utilize Google Search Console to monitor and understand how Google’s search engine reads and understands your website. While you ultimately want to optimize for the people visiting your site, it’s important to understand how search engines treat your website as they serve as the link between it and your visitors. Together with Google Analytics, you can gather deeper insights into how your website content and technical setup work together to bring quality traffic.

Google Search Console is a senior living digital marketing tool that allows you to identify any broken aspects of your website such as pages and links so that you can quickly fix them before any potential negative impacts in your website’s SEO presence. You can dive into more details about the traffic you do receive to generate ideas on how to better optimize for keywords and ultimately convert visitors into actionable leads. Your website’s technical health plays an important role in building the bridge between your community and its potential new members.

If you’re serious about increasing your web presence and gaining meaningful conversions these tools are a great place to start. To continue optimizing your website check out our top five changes you can make on your website to increase conversions. – https://www.seniorvu.com/5-ways-to-improve-website-conversions/

To learn more insights about your web marketing and how SeniorVu can help you convert more leads to move-ins get in touch with us!

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