Try These Seven Social Media Tricks to Increase Senior Living Exposure, Referrals and Conversions

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Using social media as a marketing tool is all about getting your messages out. But if you’re not reaching outside your current audience, you’re essentially preaching to the choir.

Savvy senior living communities use techniques to make their posts more visible within their network — and reach people outside of it. By combining strategic messaging with these tricks to amplify your reach, it will up the odds of generating new conversions.


You’re marketing a place, but people make that place what it is. This notion should drive every decision about your social media posts: Tell your story through your community’s residents and staff.

This may seem obvious, but many senior living communities don’t do it. That’s why you’ll see posts with pictures of a community’s new bistro but no photos of residents enjoying the bistro.

Photos of people do more than engage viewers on an emotional level. It’s what Facebook now favors, following a 2018 algorithm shift that gives “meaningful interaction” content wider exposure. People photos also draw more likes and shares, which also improves the visibility of your posts.


Hashtags — keywords preceded by a # symbol — organize social media posts by topic, allowing you to join wider conversations and get more exposure. Senior living communities can extend their reach by attaching them to posts that mark gatherings and special events.

Share photos of residents watching the #Oscars. Show how your community observes #GrandparentsDay. Hashtag the name of a visiting speaker or musician.

Hashtags make your posts searchable. They also make them visible to anyone browsing social media posts by hashtag. Both deliver your message to wider audiences. If one person tours your community or visits your website because of a hashtag, this simple effort is worth it.


When social media platforms introduce new tools — such as when Facebook rolled out its live feature a few years back — they usually tweak the algorithm to favor posts using those tools. Keep an eye out for new feature announcements and brainstorm creative ways to make use of them. Your posts will get an automatic boost.


Work out mutual promotion deals with nearby businesses — restaurants, salons, supermarkets — to give discounts to your residents and gift cards for newcomers or prospects. When you and these businesses promote the arrangements on social media, each speaks to the other’s audience.


LinkedIn lets users see who viewed their profile. If you notice unfamiliar names on your visitor list, write them back to ask how you can help. If these people are researching senior living communities, your friendly introduction might push them toward a longer conversation.


Most modern journalists are on social media. Today’s tight deadlines also leave them precious little time to find new sources. Make yourself known so that they call you when they need a senior living expert for a story.

Here’s how: when you see senior living issues in the news, find and follow the reporter on Twitter. Leave feedback praising the story or offering follow-up ideas. They may contact you for their next story, generating free traditional media for your community.


It’s easy to forget to add your website link to every social media post, but it’s critical. It gives interested parties a way to find out more information and it helps identify you as the post’s original author. This helps ensure you get proper credit should your post go viral. Make sure your website links to your social media pages, too.

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