Accelerated growth

SeniorVu Doubles its Partner Communities in Three Months

KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu announced today it has partnered with over 400 communities since its onset last year. After announcing it surpassed the 200-mark in April, SeniorVu has accelerated its timeline this summer.

“We are excited to provide a new option to senior living communities,” SoftVu CEO Tim Donnelly said.

“Having communities trust us with a new solution, something they’ve been asking for, for years, feels right.”

High-profile communities like Dial Retirement, Overture, and Benchmark are among the 400+ that have partnered with SeniorVu to improve occupancy. New communities are experiencing tours and conversions with the innovative technology.

“At Dial Retirement Communities we put a tremendous amount of value in the time we spend in the selling zone.  We would far rather our sales teams spend more time with fewer leads so we had grown very weary of the amount of time we had to spend sifting through hundreds of leads just to find the one that was qualified and would actually interact with us, giving us a chance to build that relationship that’s so vital during the move-in process,” said Reed Davis, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Dial Retirement Communities.

“One of the things that we like so much about SeniorVu is that we know the leads we receive are already qualified and ready to interact with us to build that relationship.  We don’t have to make hundreds of calls just to get one person to visit with us about all of the wonderful things we have to offer. It saves my team so much time and it is one of most cost-effective marketing strategies I have found.”

Powered by SoftVu, SeniorVu is a state-of-the-art lead generation and marketing automation platform that uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithm technology combined with big data to find future residents for senior living communities. Their team of Family Advocate Managers qualifies those leads and schedules tours for seniors and their adult children who are ready to purchase.SoftVu, founded in 1999 and based in Kansas City, accelerates your sales conversion rates by creating, managing, distributing and tracking direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns. Leveraging big data, machine-learning algorithms and marketing automation, we deliver repeatable and predictable results to our clients, optimizing lead management strategies.