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SeniorVu Gains Traction Among Senior Living Communities Nationwide

Kansas City, Missouri: SeniorVu, a young vertical marketing solution for the senior living industry is making news in Kansas City. This latest lead generation and marketing automation platform created by SoftVu, LLC., is gaining traction in the industry and today the Kansas City Business Journal (KCBJ) spread the word.

In today’s featured article, KCBJ reporter Leslie Collins highlighted the personal family experience that prompted Tim Donnelly, SoftVu’s CEO, to venture into the senior living industry. Tom Goldman, SoftVu’s COO, had a similar experience with his parents which piqued his interest in SeniorVu. With 17 years of success with lead management and marketing automation in the mortgage industry, the two took a bold step creating SeniorVu, as Collins outlines in her story.

Collins focused on SeniorVu’s unique approach to lead generation for both seniors and the senior living communities trying to find their new residents. As she points out, “SeniorVu generates the most qualified leads for their client communities using a proprietary database and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to identify qualified leads.” And, the senior hasn’t been forgotten in the structure of SeniorVu. As SeniorVu finds the most qualified leads for client communities, it also takes calls and provides online chat service to assist seniors and their adult children looking for the best senior living community to fit for their needs.

“We continue to quickly gain ground in the industry,” Goldman tells KCBJ. “The company has maintained a high customer retention rate and continues to expand its client base,” he tells Collins.SoftVu maximizes ROI by automating communication to its clients’ sales pipeline and existing customer base. They create, manage, distribute, and track automated marketing strategies for direct to consumer markets in the Mortgage Lending and Senior Living industries.

Built for flexibility and to adapt to people’s existing or new sales process, SeniorVu allows a company to engage their leads in a smarter and more cost effective method.

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