Service Spotlight – A Service that Gives Seniors a Million Reasons to Live at Home

When seniors are asked about where they plan to live out the rest of their lives, 90% of them say “right here at home.”  In many cases that’s easier said than done.  As we age, most of us need some added support.  Many seniors who live alone don’t eat as well as they used to. If they live alone, cooking for one becomes a hassle, and in some cases even a hazard for seniors.  Driving to a doctor’s appointment can be stressful, especially during rush hour traffic.  Getting on a ladder to clean the gutters is simply not safe anymore.  Cleaning house was never fun and now more than ever, keep our space clean is critical to our health and the task can feel overwhelming.

Podcast host Valissa Smith, Senior Vice President of SeniorVu learns from Mike Roberts, Business Development Manager of Ascension Living’s Live at Home about how this service works and why Mike is involved.  Most people in St. Louis remember Mike from his days as KSDK’s broadcast meteorologist.  Upon retirement about 4 years ago, Mike found Live at Home to be a perfect fit for a second career.  His genuine connection to seniors in the St. Louis community makes this new position a great fit for Mike.

In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast we throw the Service Spotlight on Ascension Living’s Live at Home service.  This service in the St. Louis, Missouri area is membership based and comes with all those resources needed to maintain your home, and your home lifestyle, allowing many seniors to age in place.  Mike talks about why he trusts the service providers working with Live at Home, the services he has personally used, and he shares some stories about how Living at Home is assisting seniors and their families. Mike also gives us a personal perspective of the individuals who make it possible for many seniors in the St. Louis area to Live at Home.

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