The Customer Journey in a Virtual World:
It Will Reshape the Way We Sell in Senior Living

As one of the Solution Partners for SMASH 2020, SeniorVu was honored to create this presentation for attendees – The Customer Journey in a Virtual World: It Will Reshape the Way We Sell in Senior Living. With the help of Benjamin Surmi, a culture and gerontology specialist and the Director of Education and Culture for Koelsch Communities, our goal was to discuss the value of UX or User Experience in the senior living industry.  We asked Andy Eby, President of Bickford Senior Living to give his “color commentary” on how UX is changing the way his caregivers do business and to share the results Bickford branches have experienced.  We also called on an international UX Design expert, Chris Bernard to help us think about how to apply UX to senior living.  With a career that spans from filmmaking to Microsoft to the automobile industry, Chris offers a unique perspective on the senior living industry.

In this session, we first take a high-level view of what UX really means with examples of how it is used in our everyday lives.  We then take a look at the user experience for seniors and families when they first encounter a need to inquire about senior care. We consider many of the touchpoints along their path as they attempt to navigate a possible move to a community. We hear what types of changes Bickford Senior Living has made to improve the user experience for their prospects, plus, we hear the results they’ve seen.  And, finally, we learn about several pilot programs recently introduced at Koelsch Communities to improve the life of seniors living there and their family members. 

Providing a quality user experience to seniors and families can be challenging in this virtual world we all operate in currently. Selling to those seniors and families during a pandemic may seem impossible.  Our hope is that this session will provide inspiration and ideas for ways to improve that user experience and promote your community in a new and unique way.

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