The Customer Journey in a Virtual World: How It Will Reshape the Way We Sell

The Customer Journey in a Virtual World: How It Will Reshape the Way We Sell

SeniorVu partners with social gerontologist and UX experts for SMASH 2020

Due to COVID-19, the Senior Living industry has been forced to do business with families and prospects in a virtual way.  Providing families seeking senior care for a loved one with a better virtual experience takes much more than Facetime or Zoom.  Optimizing the user experience (UX) in senior living requires a shift in mindset and new innovation. SeniorVu is partnering with national automotive UX expert Chris Bernard and senior living social gerontologist Benjamin Surmi for a much-needed introduction to a new version of senior living sales and marketing – The Customer Journey.

“Many think of the senior living industry as a big rotary phone with giant buttons on it, but the truth is, that’s not the industry’s audience anymore,” said UX expert Chris Bernard. “We want to help them provide the type of experience most families want and expect from a senior living provider.”

Social gerontologist Benjamin Surmi takes UX a step further – right to the resident.  He believes when attention is focused on the resident’s experience there tends to be a better experience for families and caregivers too.

“Sometimes it is important to let technology enhance the family’s experience and sometimes it is simpler daily experiences that are more important,” said Surmi. “If your decisions revolve around what’s best for the resident and their family, you likely can’t go wrong.”

Surmi believes optimizing UX in senior living will become what we all expect our elder years to look like. Tim Donnelly, Founder & CEO of SeniorVu couldn’t agree more.

“For us it’s always been about delivering a great experience, not only to our clients – senior living providers – but to their customers, too. When families are searching for answers and when job applicants are looking for new career opportunities, communities want a better way to make a genuine connection. We can’t wait to share this important discussion with them at SMASH 2020.”


SMASH the leading sales and marketing conference for senior care, Senior care’s premier sales & marketing summit. ession will explore the intersection of the Family on a Senior Living Journey and the application of technology to enhance and support that Journey. To learn more, go to www.seniorcaremarketingsummit.com


SeniorVu is a state-of-the-art Sales, Marketing and Employment Engagement Platform that gives communities control of their leads, brand, time and money.  Their technology combined with a highly proficient contact center and support team means 100% of inquiries are reached within minutes. With real-time analytics communities can determine where and when to spend their marketing dollars. After analyzing aggregated data from more than 600 communities in 18-months SeniorVu delivers repeatable and predictable results to their senior living clients. www.seniorvu.com.  To learn more about the SeniorVu’s technology call SeniorVu at (816) 895-8829.  

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