The Importance Of Having A Good Content Mix

We all know that guy. He’s a great person. But he’s always telling the same old stories in the same old way. It gets to the point where every time you see him, or every time he calls or sends an email, you do your best to steer clear.

You don’t want to be that guy when it comes to your marketing campaigns. You want to stay in front of leads with a consistent message, sure, but if you’re always sending them the same information in the same way, they’ll eventually tune you out the way a teenager tunes out a parent telling him to clean his room.

That’s why your marketing campaign needs to have a healthy mix of content that’s always fresh, relevant, and engaging.

For SoftVu clients, we create a customized variety of content consisting of useful consumer tools, surveys, informational articles, short videos, and a bit of lighthearted content to keep things interesting.We’ve found that any tool that gets the borrower to interact with the information, such as mortgage calculators, will deliver a great response.

One of the most engaging tools we use is rate displays, which often generate from two to seven times the click-through and open rates of other types of content. Depending on our client’s pricing engine capabilities, rate emails can link directly back to their company website where the most current rates are posted, or to a client-branded landing page populated by the pricing engine.

To mix up the content we also send surveys. A well-crafted survey accomplishes two things: it motivates the borrower to engage with you, and it provides you with useful, actionable information about where they are in their loan search.

These are short articles (residing on landing pages built by the SoftVu creative team) about things like what types of loans you offer, top ten reasons for refinancing, or other customizable content that is intended to keep borrowers engaged—and put you in the expert’s role of assisting in their home buying or refinance process.

A 2014 survey by reachengine.com shows that 40% of US adults prefer watching a brand’s video over reading the same information.* We take that growing trend into consideration when creating a client’s content mix. Video content can be anything from a quick, “Hi! Hello!” message wrapped in an animated digital greeting, to a “who we are” message about your company, or even a short tutorial about your pre-approval process.

Ultimately, a good content mix makes borrowers much less likely to disengage from your messages. By keeping things interesting, your leads will not only look forward to hearing from you, they’ll be more likely to contact you when they’re ready to apply for a loan. And that’s a message you’ll never get tired of receiving.

To learn more about SoftVu and how to create a good content mix, contact a Client Manager or our sales team.

*Brands Not Meeting Consumer Desire For Video ReachEngine.com 2014

Jenny Duld is a fabulous, multi-tasking extraordinaire! Lucky for us, she’s also the VP of Client Services at SoftVu. Jenny specializes in setting up successful CFL campaigns for clients. Keep an eye out for her tips, and go here if you have a marketing question for Jenny. The answer just might appear in our next newsletter!

Pacing is a big part of sending messages in an email campaign, and along with content mix, is something to keep in mind so you don’t overwhelm the borrower, or worse, become too repetitive and cause them to disengage.

In the beginning it’s not unusual to check in every few days (always varying the type of content) to become acquainted and establish your company in their decision set. Then, once some time passes, your messages can be spaced out a little bit further and become more targeted, depending on the type of response you’ve received (or not).

Of course the frequency of messaging depends on the client’s goals. We look at every campaign on a case-by-case basis to determine how frequently you should be reaching out to your contacts.An average homeowner will go through nine mortgage transactions in a lifetime–and have the potential to recommend 10 new customers to you. Dale Vermillion speaks about the need for Loan Officers to maximize these numbers by diversifying their lending approach–and, specifically, focusing on building every customer as a long-term relationship.

This video is part six of a series by Dale. Go here to learn more.




She does bookkeeping to billing to new hire training to forecasting to human resources to employee happiness to…whew…just about everything! Patty Porter, Director of Operations for SoftVu does it all. And we couldn’t be happier that she’s one of us!

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In the most recent report, the top ten in the mortgage website rankings featured the same players, but a different story! The top six websites claimed the same positions as in the previous month, while the next four switched around. Amerisave.com, guaranteedrate.com, and firstmidwest.com each dropped a position in the rankings. On the flip side, newamericanfunding.com had the greatest movement, rocketing from tenth all the way up to seventh as a result of more than doubling the number of unique visitors to their website.


This list does not reflect SoftVu clientele. See the full list and rankings here.
Source Data provided by compete.com


As the heat of the summer roared in, the meteoric growth of open and click-through rates slowed (yet still stayed relatively high). All lead source providers experienced a slight dip or maintained an even level–save for Military.com, which rose a percentage point in both open and click-through rates. Since we’re heading into the real heat of summer (which is not necessarily the prime time for new home buyers), now might be a good opportunity to focus on reaching refinance-minded customers. (If you want some help crafting those messages, contact us!)

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*Delivery: Percentage of attempted message sends that successfully deliver.
**Open: Unique opens divide by total delivered.
Although every attempt has been made to ensure the reliability of the information contained herein, some inaccuracies may exist. For this reason, SoftVu neither assumes responsibility for nor certifies to the accuracy of any of the reported data. Further, the data does not indicate approval or disapproval of any particular institution’s performance and are not to be construed as a rating of any institution.

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