The Strategy Behind Boosting your Tour and Move-in Rates 25%

If you want to boost your tour and conversion rates, utilizing a contact center is a proven way to reach more leads and increase your conversion rates.

At SeniorVu, our contact center is proven to lift tour and move-in rates for our clients 25% through our lead management services.

Having a team of dedicated agents working on behalf of your community makes your sales team lives easier and give you more time back into your day. SeniorVu will nurture each lead to the point of a scheduled tour for your community. That means your team gets only the best, pre-qualified prospects already scheduled on your calendar.

Your sales team works very hard, but the reality is they can’t get to every lead. 35% of resident inquiries are made after hours/weekends. Our data shows if a call is missed, 60% of phone inquiries will go to voicemail and 80% don’t leave a message.

Can You Trust a Contact Center to Manage Your Leads and Boost Conversions?

We know no one can make a first impression like your community can, that’s why our agents are trained to act on behalf of your community and your brand, not ours.

Our US-based, college educated Family Advocate Mentors (FAM) are passionate about serving seniors and their families, which comes through in their caring communication style and empathetic sensibilities. Go here to learn more about their backgrounds in healthcare.

SeniorVu’s FAM is an extension of your marketing team. We treat your community like it’s our own. We treat seniors like they’re our parents or grandparents. Seriously- we’d love you to secret shop us and experience that for yourself!

Senior Director of Call Centers and Family Advocate, Julie Kerr, says, “It starts with our core values and then leads into the people that we hire. We look for people that embody our core values and can illustrate it in the interview. It’s the types of people we hire and their background that make the difference. They have a passion to make a difference in the senior living industry and bring that passion to the calls they field daily.”

By paying attention to the fine details, our contact center keeps your community’s leads organized, engaged, and updated with each interaction. When we pass on a tour to your community, your team will have everything they need in front of them — like they had the conversation yourself. Plus, our clients have full, instant access to every conversation we have with their leads.

We recognize that we’re in the business of helping humankind in their golden years, and we don’t take any of that lightly. Seniors deserve compassionate people to answer their questions and listen to their needs for a residence they can feel at home in.

To accomplish their goals, and yours, we analyze a number of things to ensure a good fit for your resident and your community.

We track:

  • Quality call monitoring averages
  • Average speed-to-answer
  • The number of tours scheduled by agent (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Speed-to-lead (daily and monthly)
  • Abandonment rate (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Adherence to schedule for the agents (daily and monthly)
  • Averages by agent for inbound and outbound calls (monthly)

Whether positive or negative, our analytics identify trends for your community. Kerr says, “It can unveil, for example, the volume of leads being lost to competitors, which allows the community to establish proactive strategies to mitigate this trend going forward.”

Using a Contact Center to Get More Hires

Our contact center doesn’t just track and analyze your leads. We also can manage your hiring process. Sorting through dozens of applications and promptly calling candidates back take time and a stalwart process that many communities simply can’t consistently adhere to. Our contact center:

  • Uses speed-to-lead
  • Tracks and analyzes inbound and outbound calls
  • Keeps current on applicant status
  • Studies community comparisons

We also pre-screen applicants, so that qualified candidates can easily and quickly move forward for interviews. Our cost is less than a recruitment agency, and the results speak for themselves.

SeniorVu’s contact center agents keep thorough notes and a steady schedule for building relationships with leads and future caregivers. Combining focused data with a service-oriented human element, we can determine what’s next for your community, and that every senior finds the best community—yours.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how your community can get a 25% boost in tours and move-ins.

Happy Holidays

Answering inquiries for your community is what our Family Advocate Managers (FAM team) love doing, even on most holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two days we close up shop. We believe all of our team members deserve time with their families. By the next morning, FAM is right back at it to follow up on any inquiries that may have come in the day before.

What about all those other holidays? Rest assured SeniorVu has your time zone covered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each of the following holidays:

Black Friday
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve & Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day

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