Rating Criteria

SeniorVu Media advocates for family-owned, corporate-owned, local and national senior living facilities that genuinely provide quality of care to senior citizens, all for the Greater Good of your city and community. Our SeniorVu Media mission through podcasts, blog posts, Top 10 lists and other streams, tend to include senior living facilities that are customer centric and senior focused.

Our system is not perfect, but we try to provide more information and more detail than many of the other national aggregator “top company” lists, and we review sites that currently dominate the local Google search engine results and that rate higher for quality of care in consumer reviews.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for a consumer’s own due diligence, and we recommend that all people complete their own research and make their own reference checks before working with or moving into any community listed on this website or otherwise.

In general, our SeniorVu Media Team may look at some combination of:

  • Website (i.e. usability, content quality, blogging & SEO)
  • Google visibility
  • Social media proof
  • Trust and authority
  • Length of time in business
  • Offline brand visibility
  • Customer reviews on 3rd party review sites
  • Community involvement


If your company made our top ten list, you may request an award certificate, “Best in Class” window decal for your location and a digital decal to display on your website.

Award badges, when displayed prominently on a website can increase conversion rates by 30% to 40%.  This program is still in development.

We have one of the fastest growing blog properties in the senior living space.  We think that is awesome.  And we’re so new, we’re just getting started.

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