From Rookie to Champ: How To Turn Millennial Homebuyers Into Contenders

Dream home for millenials

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the small-yet-scrappy fighter go against the odds, fight their way to the top and take down the reigning champion in a blaze of glory. But in the real world, being the underdog usually means you just wind up with a lot of disappointment.

Take the Millennial homebuyer, for example. They’re the biggest group of homebuyers out there, but try as they might, they’re having a heck of a time buying homes. With such a hot housing market, so little inventory, and so many “big guys” gunning against them, how’s a little guy to succeed?If only they knew about you—the amazing mortgage lender! You have so many loan solutions! So many ways to help them shape up and get in fighting form to duke it out for that dream home! You know you could help…if only you could reach them. What can you say and do to get Millennials to see you as a trusted source and their ticket to homeownership?

Well, fear not. SoftVu is here to help you put together a game plan that gets you in front of all those Millennials so they can get their Cinderella story. So lace up your boxing gloves and repeat after us: It’s all about dedication. It’s all about consistency. And it’s all about heart.There has been quite a bit of uncertainty swirling around the past few months. However, now that the key interest rate hike occurred and we’re gearing up for a political changing of the guard, we at least know that, finally, something is happening. And at the moment, we’re cautiously predicting that 2017 will end up being a banner year for our market.

At the very least…it will be interesting.Knowledge is power. And for Millennials, who are generally new to this home-buying business, they’re looking for experts to help get them in fighting form. Being a source of information and education—instead of just being a salesperson—will help you go the distance and get them in a good place. Consider a communication strategy that doesn’t just tout your awesomeness, but also dishes out some helpful advice on a regular basis.

Every time interest rates hike upwards, Millennials lose more and more purchasing power. That’s where you come in—to help them find the products that give them the most bank for their buck, but also get them the very best interest rate possible. Let them know all about FHA, VA, USDA and other non-conventional types of loans that can help them get an edge over the competition and cinch the deal. Most of all, get them pre-approved or pre-qualified so they aren’t boxing out of their weight class.

Millennials were practically born holding smartphones. So as you’re building a marketing campaign, don’t forget about the importance of mobile. Text messaging, apps, viewable-from-tiny-screens websites…everything you can do to make sure your messaging and products are as Millennial-friendly as possible will give you an edge over the competition. It also means they’ll be more likely to respond to you when you need it, making you more likely to get them what they need.You know you can get Millennials prepped and ready to take out the home-buying competition. After all, that’s what you do. And getting in front of Millennials is how you’ll clinch their business and help bring them home. SoftVu is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. We can help you put together a messaging and campaign strategy to help you get the word out to the Millennial consumer.

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