Use Your Social Media Secret Weapon to Promote Your Senior Living Community


Social media content gets likes and shares within networks of people with existing relationships, infusing these posts with context, credibility and a degree of trust. It’s information and perspective from someone familiar to you, even if you’ve never actually met.

This gives senior living communities a secret social media weapon: Use content from your current residents to bring the community’s stories to a wider audience.

Why does it matter?

  • These posts are visible to people in the resident’s network, many of whom may be considering senior living for themselves or a loved one;
  • Their friends may not be in your network and won’t see your posts;
  • People shopping for senior living may favor communities where they know someone;
  • Positive posts from a resident they know carries more weight than ads or a stranger’s recommendation.

In addition, Facebook’s current algorithm prefers posts from “regular folks” over those from businesses. Since you have a community full of “regular folks,” they can help you in these strategic ways:While you want to craft and post your own original content, look for ways to connect the business page to your residents’ posts. Have them tag you when they post about community events. Take photos at events and offer good ones to your most active residents on social media. When a resident’s post paints your community in a good light, ask to share it on the community account. In every case, a small effort can widen a post’s reach.Ask satisfied residents to write short reviews on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Anyone researching senior living communities on these pages should be able to find, front and center, accolades from people who live there. Many people now rely on reviews for nearly every purchase. For a commitment like senior living, the number is almost certainly higher. When you select people to write reviews, you’re more likely to get glowing ones.

These reviews can also be educational for you, offering a resident’s perspective on the best parts of your community. Perhaps their favorite aspect is something you’re not promoting enough.Every senior community has its share of unique, colorful and well-spoken characters. Why not use them in your videos? Have the funny couple who walks every morning take viewers on a tour of the grounds. Interview the bridge club about amusing topics — while they play. Turn the cameras around and have your residents do Oprah-style interviews with your staff.

Not every attempt will work out, but creative videos have viral potential and go a long way toward promoting your community as a fun, friendly place to live. They’ll also play much better on social media than unambitious videos featuring company executives.Many of your social media savvy residents have cameras and create content every day. Use the best of their stuff. Hold a community photography contest and put the finalists up for a poll on your Facebook page. Pick one day a week where your Instagram feed features only resident photos. Share their great crafts, recipes and holiday decorating ideas on a community Pinterest page. Use things they do and create to show the public that your community is a vibrant place full of interesting people.


For more help with social media, blog content or digital marketing needs remember SeniorVu. SeniorVu helps senior living communities find their ideal potential residents through direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns using technology, marketing strategy and their team of Family Advocates who guarantee that 100% of community leads receive follow-up, every time, within 5 minutes. Reach out and we can help fill your occupancy. 

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